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Lions Aaron Berry makes another bad play

Written By: Terry Foster | January 9, 2012

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Shame on Aaron Berry. The Lions cornerback  gets a few tweets pointing out he did not play well against the New Orleans Saints and he pulls a switch blade out on the city he plays for and cuts deep. He told people to go back to their broke and miserable lives after taking some heat for his play during a 45-28 loss to the Saints in the NFC wild card game Saturday night.

Here is what Berry wrote before taking the post down on his twitter account lockdown717.

“Y’all can go back to being Broke & Miserable…now back to regular scheduled programming…”

Classy, huh?

Then he tried to clean it up.

“I apologize to my loyal fans for my tweet…jus disgusting how ppl can get when they don’t know nothin at all…”

Then came.

“Now y’all making it seem like I was talking to all the fans in Detroit…boy y’all funny…Have a blessed night!!!”

It seems like pro athletes should have a license before opening a twitter account.

It was a night where he could not tackle. It was a night where he could not cover and it was a night where he allowed some interceptions to slip away. He was hardly the second coming of Deion “Prime Time” Sanders. He played more like Colonial Sanders. When you are in the public eye the public is going to call you out.

They do it to football players and baseball players. They do it to actors and comedians. Hell, they do it to know it all newspaper and radio guys. I know because I get called out all the time. We all do. That is part of the business. It used to bother me. It does not any more. But if somebody is rude to me and I am in a certain mood, I am rude right back. Most of the time you move on.

Berry is not a rich man but he is doing better than most. There are plenty of broke and miserable people. That is the problem. We are not doing as well as we want and a lot of people — especially in this area — are suffering. I feel guilty because I feel like I do not do enough. My wife is in charge of charity in our family. She does all the work and tells me where to show up and what to do.

One day about 20 years ago I was feeling sorry for myself. The world was treating me wrong and I was ticked off. So I left my world and drove around and somehow ended up on the East side of Detroit. I went into a neighborhood where houses were held up by a thread. I talked to some people who were broke but were anything but miserable. They knew who I was and told me how lucky I was and how great life was for me.

I stopped feeling sorry for myself.

There are a lot of good people in this community who are not doing well. And there are a lot of Lion fans who love their team and root as if their very lives depend on it. Sometimes they are frustred. They squeeze too tight and become miserable when their team loses. They are angry right after losses and say stupid stuff. But their heads clear eventually.

To his credit Berry took down the post and made a lame apology.

Should the Lions punish Berry if he returns next season? No. But I would make a point to have him go into the community so he can meet some of the people he insulted. And do you know what he will find? They will be nice to him and root him on to success. They might be broke and miserable but they do care about this team.



4 Responses to “Lions Aaron Berry makes another bad play”

  1. George Says:

    I initially thought he was taking a shot at the media, then I read some of the retweets to his wall. I think the Karma bug will bite him. He’ll be playing for Tampa next year.


  2. Bill Says:

    Does he even know what the hell goes on on all of these social media sites? When the defense is out there playing like Rich-Rods Wolverines someone is going to say something via Twitter, facebook etc. Either get off twitter or grow some skin and keep your mouth shut.The bogus apology on twitter doesn’t help much either,you said it now deal with it.


  3. Sou Says:

    The funny thing is he was talking directly at Lions fans!

    Who the hell else would call him and bum and be mad at him for the way he played?

    It damn sure wasnt Saints fans, I’m sure they were the ones tweeting him thank yous for playing so damn bad! He helped them win.


  4. Mors Hostibus Says:

    In a single tweet, A Berry went from the guy who had a real bad day when we needed every Lion to step up, to “EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN WRONG WITH THE LIONS, EVER”.

    Take A Berry’s “I’ve got mine” attitude, add to that “and you don’t”, then top with “and nothing will affect my continued superiority”. This belief has unified Detroiters into finding their “WITCH”. We all know that we need a witch, someone to blame for unfortunate outcomes. While A Berry’s terrible effort and terrible execution against the Saints was enough to separate him from most of Lion’s defenders who also turned in poor effort and results, Berry’s tweet: “Y’all can go back to being Broke & Miserable…now back to regular scheduled programming…” put him in as the single individual who desperately deserves all of the anger and retribution of Lions fans.

    Prediction: By February, A Berry’s jersey number will be available on clearance racks at TJMaxx and Marshalls for $.50.

    Note to Berry: your tweet needs an adverb…REGULARLY not regular..you ignorant rube. Love to see you in two years, looking up at us from a filty gutter somewhere…you must know that the odds favor this outcome. Oh yes…have a blessed whatever is about to happen to you.


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