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Lions are must watch TV even if it means lying

Written By: Terry Foster | January 7, 2012

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Sometimes the best option is to lie.

A guy loves his girlfriend. A woman loves her boyfriend and many weeks ago before we knew the Lions would be in the playoffs playing a Saturday night game of the decade game in New Orleans she bought him tickets to Saurday night’s Pistons game against the New York Knicks at the Palace. She is not a basketball game and won’t attend.

Here is the problem. The Pistons play a who cares game Saturday night when the Lions will be playing a game all of Michigan will be glued to. He wants to see the Lions because the game means so much but at the same time he does not want to hurt his woman’s feelings. So what should he do?

Sorry but this is a time when lying is fine. He should skip the Pistons game, watch the Lions with his buddies and when she asks how the Pistons did simply say “It was a pretty good game but the Pistons dropped a disappointing game to the Knicks. Thank you baby. I love you.”

Then he kisses her and moves on.

Yes, I recommend he lies. Does this make me a bad person?

There is no way a true Honolulu blue fan wants to miss the Lions. But there are people who’ve invested time and money into the Pistons game at the Palace. How many will show? This is bad timing that cannot be helped. Stuff happens. Sometimes we are double booked in life.

I will be at the Pistons game for work. I don’t want to be but those things happen. I will keep an eye on the Lions game and as soon as I am done writing I plan on dashing to Hoops down the street to check out the remainder of the game. It is not every day the Lions are in the playoffs and it is something you don’t want to miss.

I wonder what that guy will do. What would you do?

Sorry but I say lie and root for the Lions.


One Response to “Lions are must watch TV even if it means lying”

  1. Ashkar Says:

    Now that’s funny but true…..my tip to that man is for them both to be happy he watches the Lions game and he tells her it was a fun time. Life goes on with no issues. Me personally would have sold the Pistons tickets and used the money on food. Better money spent


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