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Lions need big defensive plays to beat Saints

Written By: Terry Foster | January 6, 2012

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A growing number of Lion fans believe their heroes in Honolulu blue and silver will shock the world and beat the New Orleans Saints in Saturday night’s wild card match up at the Superdome. I do not share that sentiment but it is good to see that people finally have something to believe in with their football team.

This gap between playoff stops was too long. It has been ridiculously too long between playoff victories. Does anybody remember 1991?

The Lions (10-6) know how to win football games. I am not certain they can win playoff football games against elite teams. Put them up against the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons, then they have a shot. New Orleans and the Green Bay Packers are out of reach. These teams know what it takes to win. And even when they stumble, as the Saints did last year in Seattle, they know how to turn horrific losses into motivation seminars.

For argument sakes how can the Lions win this game? Obviously Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson Brandon Pettigrew and the rest of the offense must wreck havoc on the scoreboard. We know the Saints will score. However, the key to a Lions victory will come with the defense. Louis Delmas returns and Ndamukong Suh did not play in the last Saints game. That helps but is not enough unless the Lions create at least six big negative plays.

If you can guarantee three turnovers and three sacks by the Lions defense then they got a shot. If you are telling me the Lions will simply go toe to toe with the Saints then they do not have a shot. The Lions defense will not stop New Orleans much, but if they can get turnovers that could change the game.

I am going Saints 38, Lions 28.

How do you see it?




7 Responses to “Lions need big defensive plays to beat Saints”

  1. Bigwalt Says:

    I don’t see any elite teams this year Terry. They all have flaws. Just a couple elite QBs…and we have one of them in my opinion.


    • Mike Says:

      Big walt, he didnt ask how many elite teams there are this year, he asked how would you predict the outcome of the lions game.

      NOR 40
      DET 17


    • Terry Foster Says:

      That is not the issue Big Walt but I do believe Green Bay and New Orleans are elite in the context of today’s game. What more must these teams do. They are the cream of the crop


  2. Lion Lenny Says:

    LIONS HAVE FULL DL ROTATION BACK .Suh and company will put pressure on brees something that did not occur in first game.Delmas should also make a difference.Ingram out will also not help saints.lions must have kevin smith be heavily involved keep them off the field.saints defense is poor.lions 31-28.


  3. BID316 Says:

    I see the game going either way. It depends on how it begins. If the Lions have a slow start as they have on a number of occasions this year, I DON’T see them winning. If the Lions come out scoring, in a shoot out, they have a shot!

    Further, I definitely think that the Lions will cover! 10.5 points is just too much for a first round game. 10.5 points CAN be three possessions. I also factor in that Drew Brees is NOT Brett Favre and he will sit down with,say, a late 10 point lead (thus allowing the Lions to cover). Never under-estimate the likelihood of a meaningless late touchdown.

    Also given the fact that the winner has to play next week, there’s no reason to “show off” once the game is won. If the Saint have a 9-point lead (late), they’ll sit on the ball… There are probably no records to be had or for which to play.

    The more I think about it, the more I wanna get my friend in Vegas to lay a bet for me!

    All that being said, if the defnsive line can disrupt Brees’ rhythm, we will have a ball game. While hitting the QB is great, “the fear of getting hit,” thereafter, can often make a QB lose his concentration and his nerve. Brees is a veteran and I don’t think that he’ll be easily rattled nor do I believe that his game is gonna fall apart because Suh, Avril and the gang looked his way. I do believe that a slight disruption in rhythm will cause a few three-and-outs. Watch the earlier game and see what penalties did to a couple of three-and-out opportunities!

    Lions 42-38!


  4. Canadian Lions Fan Says:

    I do agree Terry,, and a few others
    The Lions will need a few take always
    if the Lions D scores,, this will be an unbelievable game
    comparisons show these two teams somewhat even “Except” for where its played
    where they have been almost perfect
    i say almost,,, because they have lost at home when Tennessee beat them Sept 1 in the last pre season game

    this will be a fun game to watch and i will not miss it for anything
    not even the Leafs wounding some Wings

    like a lot of callers on the ticket,, true Lions Fans

    Ya Gotta Believe
    Lions 41 – Saints 38


  5. BID316 Says:

    Oops! Almost forgot about the likelihood of HORRIBLE officiating!

    Just last week, if officials properly call the Titus Young TD a TD vs. incompletion, it mighta been a different game.

    The NHL gets it more correct. As it stands, The NFL powers must watch a bad call and start typing the letter of apology during the game rather than getting it right! What makes more sense?


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