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Happy New Year gang!!

Written By: Terry Foster | January 1, 2012

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CHICAGO – We were like most Americans. We watched the ball drop in New York City and wondered why Dick Clark is still doing the countdown. But we are happy he is alive to do it.

We spent a quiet New Years Eve at Big Ralph’s who made the best beef brisket and grilled vegetables I’ve ever had.  He knew it was good and kept asking everyone: ”Is this beef brisket tender? Does this beef brisket taste like it has been smoking all day outside?”

He knew the answer. He just wanted to hear it from everybody.

It was just fun being with family. I brought in the New Year with Little B in my lap. And my daughter Celine sat in mom’s lap. The adults toasted with champagne. The kids sang the new year in. There were a lot of people who went out and enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately some did not return home to loved ones. That is something we still must work on.

However, I love being with family for New Years Eve. It is safer and more enjoyable.

I spent the day with my bride Adrienne.  We got rid of the kids and enjoyed breakfast at a place called Blueberry Pancakes. Later we went shopping for the kids although I ended the year with one of the great purchases of the year. I purchased a $200 overcoat for $48. It is a great looking coat. The lady says the problem is the zipper gets stuck sometimes although it zipped perfectly for me 10 straight times.

Still I will take it.

We also bought some Garrett popcorn and will be bringing a nice stash of Chicago mix home.

My goal this year is to slow it down a bit. I am too busy. I have too much to do and sometimes get distracted.

I am probably the exact opposite of most of you. You want to kick it up a notch. You probably want more work and more money and trust me I am rooting for you to do that. But I want to kick back a little bit more in 2012. Of course I say this every year and it is hard to do.

I love the action. I love the games and the writing and the talking and doing stuff in public. My life is fun. It is hectic but it is fun and it never seems to stop.

Any way. Happy New Year. I hope your life revs up or slows down or whatever you want. Thanks for being part of my life. I hope we can keep on rolling.




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  1. Joseph Terrell Says:

    Happy New Year T Fo, thanks for keeping it real and bringing some good laughs and your insight to sports and everyday topics. I enjoy reading your blogs, articles and listening to you and Mike. Sometimes when you see all the crap going on in this world, its nice to turn on the radio and listen to you two knuckle heads. Haha Enjoy the new year Terry!


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