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Suh remains fan favorite in Detroit

Written By: Terry Foster | December 29, 2011

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I never believe fans when they say they’ve had it with an athlete, especially one that remains productive.

I got an earful of that after Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh stomped that Green Bay player and waited days to issue an apology for it. Fans wrote they were fed up with Suh. I told them they were nuts. And I was right.

During the Pistons home opener the Pistons put Suh in a Detroit uniform and put him on the giant screen. The place went nuts as he smiled and pointed to his new jersey. You heard loud chants of “Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh.”

And that is the way it should be. Suh might be the best defensive tackle in the NFL. He can help give you something you sorely want as Detroit fans — a championship. He wins football games and he puts people on their backs. There were a lot of harsh words thrown out when Suh was suspended two games. Some of you were angry and said he did not represent Detroit. Some screamed that the Lions should trade him.

Forgive me for laughing in your face. That was goofy talk. It was just as silly as when a number of you demanded that the Tigers trade Miguel Cabrera after his fling on the wild side in a Florida restaurant and highway. You do not trade superstars until they are broken down because it is difficult to get equal value.

So what should you do if you see Suh on a giant screen?

You know the drill.



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