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Stafford has wrong last name for Pro Bowl

Written By: Terry Foster | December 28, 2011

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Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford did not make the Pro Bowl because he has the wrong name and plays for the wrong team. He did not make the Pro Bowl because he is viewed by some around the league as a one-trick pony, a guy who targets wide receiver Calvin Johnson too much.

Stafford is not on the Pro Bowl team because he has not earned his stripes. He has not made playoff runs, has not been talked about on ESPN enough and is not in the in crowd amongst talking heads. He is not on the Pro Bowl because some people cast their votes early before New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning turned from good quarterback to disaster.

If Stafford put up the same numbers in New York and produced the same amount of victories and his name was Matthew Manning we would not be complaining in Detroit. We’d be slapping him on the back and congratulatiing him for a job well done. Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers are the no doubt, no question elite quarterbacks in the NFC.

Stafford is the clear third choice. If you want to say Manning is a better quarterback because he has accomplished more by winning a Super Bowl then so be it. You cannot say he was a better quarterback in 2011.

Let’s compare Stafford to Manning.

Manning has passed for 4,587 yards, 26 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. He has completed 60.3 percent of his passes and sports a 90.3 quarterback rating. Those are nice numbers and a nice season worthy of consideration.

Stafford on the other hand has passed for 4,518 yards, 36 touchdowns and 14 picks. He has a QB rating of 96.6, has four comeback wins and has led his team to the playoffs. Those are stats and accomplishments worthy of the Pro Bowl.

Eli Manning continues to ride the coattails of older brother Peyton Manning. He is a good quarterback but he is not elite. He has a weak running game, Stafford does not have a run game.

There is a pecking order in sports. You must wait your turn. It is a joke but that is just the way it is. So we will stomp and kick and bitch and complain but none of that matters. Stafford got the shaft. I know it. You know it.

Besides, who watches the stupid Pro Bowl any way?


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13 Responses to “Stafford has wrong last name for Pro Bowl”

  1. Ron Says:

    “Eli Manning continues to ride the coattails of older brother Eli Manning.”



  2. JDez Says:

    “Eli Manning continues to ride the coattails of older brother Eli Manning.”(Peyton?)


  3. Gerald Says:

    I disagree with the premise of article. Stop putting the Lions down. The stigma is gone, Stafford will go to pro bowl as Aaron Rogers will decline invitation. And next year he will be the guy.


  4. PackerPaul Says:

    You make many good points, none better than the last one. In leagues where they pay millions to rookies who have not proven anything at that point in time other than potential, the voting for Pro Bowl, MVP, All-Star, etc., many times goes to those who have done it consistently over a period of years. Stafford has had an awesome year but, he doesn’t have the consistent resume as of yet. The question he has to answer is can he repeat his performance again & again? Can he take the Lions farther each year? Great year, an All Pro year…what will the future bring?


  5. jd Says:

    It’s ridiculous but hopefully he will be playing in a bowl with the word super in front of it instead.


  6. Christopher Ruston Says:

    I have to agree with all you said here! Its unfortunate but hopefully Stafford can make a name for himself in the playoffs.

    By the way. I’ve been following you since the sports doctors and enjoy the fact that you still bump head with your co-host!


  7. Panicstreak Says:

    Who cares about Pro-Bowl status? (Unless your name is Matt Stafford and you have escalators in your contract about being named a Pro-Bowler.) If Matt wants to go to Hawaii and kick it for a week, hes got the dough. Pro Bowl is a peer to peer popularity contest.

    The one that should matter is First Team All-Pro. They pick one per position, and typically there is no doubt as to who is the All-Pro at each position. This year, Matt Stafford will not be First Team All Pro QB.


    • brntoki Says:

      Do you drive a Dodge, too. Your post totally dodges the point. He said it’s the way it works, which is sorta what you’re saying I guess, but also that it isn’t right! So, why do you think it’s alright that the system works like it does?


  8. Fendergat Says:

    Nice article and I couldn’t agree more. As a fan of the NFL this aspect of the post-season interests me the least. As a fan of Stafford, I feel bad for the kid, but knows brighter things are on the horizon.


  9. snizzo Says:

    who cares about pro bowl anyway.


  10. Dan from the clem Says:

    Terry, the NFL boasts of representing integrity, an emphasis on “getting it right”, and yet once again we’re robbed of another touchdown against Greenbay and Stafford is excluded from the Pro Bowl. When are the injustices and absurdidies against our Lions going to end? Even worse I’m going to have to tolerate your half glass empty boy Valenti on Monday insisting Matt isnt a top ten QB, and that we didnt deserve to win Sunday.



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