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My basketball come back sure did hurt

Written By: Terry Foster | December 27, 2011

Filed Under: sports

I could sure use a long, hot and relaxing soak in the tub right now. I am sore all over the place, but it is a good kind of sore.

I came out of pick up basketball retirement Monday and was fortunate to play in three straight games before shutting it down for younger and faster guys. Our team kept winning even though the team was stuck with me as the fifth wheel. It was worth getting yelled at by my wife who made me retire five years ago. It was worth getting lectured from the trainer who actually told me not to worry about getting injured until I actaully started playing. Now she is worried about me getting injured.

Women. You can never figure them out.

My come back took place Monday morning at the Commerce Township Life Time Fitness. I finished my morning workout, saw guys getting ready to play and slipped into my gym shoes. It was rough. I was winded and tired but my stamina began to build up. I do work out but there is something about running up and down a basketball court that wears on you.

But my workouts came in handy because I began to pick up energy the longer I played.

The one thing that was tough to get back was your basketball instincts. All of the bad things I rip the Pistons for doing, I did. I did not follow my shot. I got broken down on a cross over and I sometimes did not block out. But those things started to slowly come. My jumper actually fell a couple of times and I crashed the boards for two tip in buckets.

I already know the type players I hate most. I hate those guys who are speedy and want to run through picks all day. I had to guard a guy like that and I was so tempted to smack him in the face to slow him down. I like the big fat guy who wants to post up all day. He is sweaty and gross smelling but at least you get a rest while guarding him.

What is it about pick up basketball and men? We love to compete. We love the action and we love to show other guys we’ve got a little game. Mostly for me it is a great time to bond and talk and be part of a team. We won and I made some small contributions.

I would love to find a weekly game somewhere. Life Time gets too crowded and when the young boys come to play that is when the arguments take over. If I want to argue I can just stay home and pick with the wife.

I will try to find a game once a week. I am not going to make this an every day thing. OK. I have to go and find some Ben Gay. This hurts.



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One Response to “My basketball come back sure did hurt”

  1. Dennis Pombier III Says:

    Terry, I admire you for “coming back.” I really wish I could as well. I am only 38, so I should still be able to play, but I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. It prevents me from doing very little in terms of working out, and playing basketball would be just about impossible. I’m trying really hard to find a way to feel better, and exercise is important in that regards, so that I too can make a come back! Keep playing, if not for you, then for me!


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