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Just Dance is shaking my foundations and patience

Written By: Terry Foster | December 26, 2011

Filed Under: Family

There is already one game I regret getting the kids for Christmas. It sounds like a heard of elephant is storming through our house when the kids play Just Dance III in the XBox 360.

Of course it is their favorite game so far and it is already driving me nuts.

The idea of the game is to turn on loud music and follow a character as closesly as you can to earn points and stars. Surprisingly it isn’t the loud music that is driving me nuts. It is the jumping and stomping and twirling. I’ve been in the basement the past day playing with my own toys and it sounds like the house is about to collapse.

I swear there is a hole in the floor and the house shakes like an earth quake is rattling over head.I can already imagine footage of a collapsed house being show on the six O’clock news.


Nope. This family is homeless because of Just Dance III. Parents beware.

I remember the good old days when I annoyed my family with a new drum set. I did not know how to play the drums. I still don’t. But I thought I was the second coming of famed drummer Rufus “Speedy” Jones. You don’t know who he is? Neither did I until I googled him. The bottom line is I drove my grandmother nuts and there were certain times I was not allowed to bang the drums slowly.

I am close to being a mean parent and setting certain times they can play Just Dance. How about 2-6 p.m Monday through Friday when I am doing real radio six miles away? Let them drive their mother crazy.



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