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Stay off the field Lion fans

Written By: Terry Foster | December 24, 2011

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Let me borrow a line from Nike.

Don’t do it.

It might sound like a great idea. It might sound like fun, but it does not make sense to storm Ford Field if the Lions beat San Diego today to slide into the playoffs for the first time in a decade. You are inviting disaster if you do.

Things like this never work out in Detroit. We couldn’t even celebrate the 1984 World Series title in the streets without making national news. How do you think its going to work out having hundreds of delirious and drunken fans try to scale a gate and leap eight feet to the ground? You are asking for trouble.

I was in Madison in 1993+ when fans stormed the field after Wisconsin beat Michigan 13-10 in a Big Ten game. They took 70 people to the hospital and I saw the devastation up close. There were bloodied and dazed students and I even saw Bucky Badger walking through the hallway holding his head while carrying his head. Think about that one for a moment.

A number of Wisconsin players helped out by lifting students out of the stands.

Here is what happens. People cannot scale the walls quickly enough and the crush of people behind them forces them into the gates, taking the breath out of them. People in back don’t know what’s going on. They just want to get to the field.

Rushing the field is the brain storm of a few Lion fans who are trying to get people revved up on the Internet. This one would only leave Detroit with another black eye. People will get injured, arrested and our bad boy image will carry even further. I’ve already heard from Detroit Police Chief Robert Godbee who pleaded with people not to do it. He also said storming the field is against the law.

We would also look like a bunch of simple goofs to the rest of the nation. The laughter would hit coast to coast as Lion fans storm the field in celebration of making the playoffs — something even slightly above average teams do once every three years. It’s been so long for this city that most people forget this.

Here is what I hope happens. The Lions win, advance to the playoffs and players do a victory lap and high five fans in the stands. It is not as exciting but it is a lot less dangerous.



3 Responses to “Stay off the field Lion fans”

  1. Nino Says:

    Rushing the field is for college games. Not pros. Has anyone done it? I don’t think so and I hope we aren’t the first. It would be really embarrassing to our team, to see us celebrate just making the playoffs. 38% of the teams in the league make the playoffs. Lion fans rushing the field would be like LSU fans rushing the field for beating WKU to get into the SEC title game. I hope that the players acknowledge the fans though, gonna be a great game, a memorable one.


  2. Nate neubecker Says:

    I have to say i have no problem if people choose to go on the field. One my greatest football memories is going on the field with my dad after the Michigan panthers won. I walked up to bob corker and he gave me a high five. There will always be thse few that ruin it for everyonr else.


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