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Shop til you drop

Written By: Terry Foster | December 23, 2011

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Today I will do some last minute shopping for the ladies of my life — mom, cousin and my wife. When I was younger this was the only day I shopped. And it was a lot of fun. Here was the drill.

My tradition in my 20s was to get up early on Dec. 23 with my shopping list and shop all day. I’d go to the mall and shop, then eat lunch. I’d load the car up with gifts and go someplace else to shop. Then I would eat dinner and return home and wrap my gifts. If I forgot a  gift I’d get up early Christmas Eve and get last minute items.

It was an all day splurge and it was a blast. This way I didn’t worry about running around and fighting the shoppers except for one day. People are rough in the malls. I’ve had items literally snatched out of my hands as people aggressively power shop. It was crazy and I’d rather deal with it for one day than deal with it for several days.

Today I shop more online. I lead a very busy life and there isn’t much time to go to the mall and horse around. I’d rather get some key items from the comfort of my home. I wish there were online shopping when I were younger, but it is something I am discovering now. I also did a little shopping before Thanksgiving, which I refused to do before because I wasn’t in the holiday spirit yet.

Now its who cares?

Most men don’t like to shop. I actually do. I just think it gets crazy around the holidays and home is the best place to be.

So I am ready to battle the crowds today one last time.  I got credit card, cash and a helmet. I am ready to go.


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