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No Suh on the show today

Written By: Terry Foster | December 21, 2011

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I am perfectly fine that Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh decided not to join us today for our weekly chat on the Valenti and Foster Show.

I’ve never been one of those who demand that an athlete talk to me. I like it when they do, but they don’t have to. Our interview with Suh last week was heated because we asked a lot of pointed questions about his suspension, whether he apologized to teammates and about the one car accident in Portland. We wanted answers to the same questions the media asked earlier and that fans want to know.

I spoke to someone who was at the media scrum and they said Suh’s sitdown with the media was rougher than the interview on my radio show.  But I totally understand why Suh decided not to come on. It made national headlines and it was uncomfortable for him and he did not come off well.

We got criticized also. I listened to a guy on ESPN radio who said we were unprofessional and that he did not blame Suh for cutting the interview short. That’s fine. I can take a minor blow like that.

I cannot tell you the times I’ve been blown off for interviews or have a guy walk right past when I ask if we can talk. I don’t get mad. I just move on to the next guy. That’s what we do in this profession.

And that is what we will do with Suh. Dominic Raiola took his place and he did a fine interview.

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10 Responses to “No Suh on the show today”

  1. Greg Says:

    That is fine with me. Suh doesn’t say much anyways and Nate just seems to have more personality. I’d love to hear Stafford one day though


  2. EK Says:

    Ha, sounds like you guys gave him more “real radio” than he could handle…

    I’m glad you guys (particularly Mike) held his feet to the fire. We could use more reporters demanding accountability from these famous people doing infamously stupid things, regardless of whether they are athletes, owners, politicians, or just a random human doing something incredibly moronic.


  3. glenn wright Says:

    Well that don’t surprise me he should be answering those questions. That’s part of being a high profile athlete.Acutely I think he is afraid of Valenti


  4. Wayne Says:

    I think it’s funny T. If your a sports fan your probably like every guy in metro Detroit and listen to 97.1 all day. We listen to you guys everyday and “See” him on TV every Sunday. Does he not realize when he does stuff like this he’s ruining his image in his home town? Its not hard to do. He could have told us he wasnt sorry and meant to hurt him and we would have loved it. He coulda also said he could have also said his emotions got the best of him and he Wont it happen again and he’s sorry to US for missing the games. We woulda loved him for that too. Instead he just gave us bushit answers hangs up on you guys and stops going on air. Man he’s doing a lot to improve his image here. You might not be mad at him, nor am I. But he’s losing a lot of respect from me. At this point he is a player who better do his job and do it well. Cuz the first time he slips up here, we all know people will turn their backs on him because he hasn’t tried to be real with us at allllll.


  5. Brutus_Barbarian Says:

    You are a class act Terry. Always will be.


  6. Matt Says:

    Dom’s interview was actually more insightful than any of the Suh interviews you guys had all year honestly. If you guys get Nate, it’ll be even better. Good job guys


  7. Jeff K Says:

    Suh has MAD talent but I have ZERO respect for him for punking out on his obligation to 97.1 and Valenti and Foster. What an ass!!


  8. Ashkar Says:

    I am on your side for this one….. He acted immature about it like its his little secrete. Not our fault he did what he did and it’s not our fault the media is all over him. The whole world knows what he did and I think as fellow Detroit fans that he owes us a little more than has given us. We are the people that go to the games and so on, we support the team, We are LOCALS. He effected our teams game play on the field and the teams image off the field.

    I just hope he adjusts well and going forward he cleans up his act.

    A die hard Lions fan


  9. Shelley Says:

    Unless Ndamukong has a signed contract which requires him to be on your show each week, he doesn’t have to. I agree he could have handled the entire situation differently up to your show. On your show he was very well spoken, very professional and never raised his voice or sounded irritated. You on the other hand, were just short of yelling at him for answers. Guess what… he doesn’t have to answer your questions.

    I’m still not sure why fans think they have the right to know EVERYTHING. Before the internet was around the fans received information through TV and print and that was it. Just because we “could” get info from inside the locker room doesn’t mean we should. Ndamukong is going listen to his employers, his agent and his family. What you or his fans think he should do is irrelevant. Yes, I’m one of his biggest fans and have that awesome black #90 SUH jersey that I wear proudly each Sunday. I was very disappointed in his actions on the field that day and think he could have responded differently. I think one of the most important stats about him that should be remembered is his age. Ndamukong Suh is 24 years old. Now think back to when you were 24 and if there were any mistakes you made that you could have handled better.


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