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Trade Ndamukong Suh — not

Written By: Terry Foster | December 19, 2011

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Here is a game I love to play after all the emotions of a volative situation have subsided.

Let’s trade Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh as soon as possible. He is a bad guy. He is a bad player and we want nothing to do with him. Right?

Of course people will think I am crazy. But prior to the Lions 28-27 victory over the Oakland Raiders that is what I heard from a lot of Lion fans. They were upset that Suh missed two games due to suspension. They were upset that he showed no remorse and they lacked faith that he could stay in games.

So the solution was to trade him. I told these folks they were crazy. They are probably the same folks that wanted to trade Miguel Cabrera after his off season drinking incident then cheered him through the Tiger playoffs. Suh made a mistake. He is a young guy learning the game and is still learning about public relations.

That does not mean you give up on him.

So what should Lion fans do now? You cheer him. You both have the same goals. You want the Lions in the playoffs, so does Suh. You want to see the Lions win a Super Bowl. So does Suh. You want him to play aggressively between the whistles and so does Suh.

So where is the conflict? You have the same goals.

Sports is a very emotional profession. It is emotinal for players, fans and even the media. Sometimes those world collide. We say and do things we regret.  Did some of you really want to trade Suh? Or were you caught up in the anger of the moment?

So let’s trade Ndamukong Suh. Whose with me?

After that block of the field goal which preserved the victory over the Raiders I don’t think many people remain on that bandwagon today.


6 Responses to “Trade Ndamukong Suh — not”

  1. Eva Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Terry. I have been an avid supporter of the Lions…thru good times and bad. And have never given up on them. I knew, like you, that young players will make mistakes. And Mr. Suh will probably make more of them. But, most of us TRUE fans never gave up on him and welcomed him back yesterday. Right now, he is my favorite defensive player on the team. GO LIONS!!!


  2. Dennis Pombier III Says:

    Thank You Terry. Sometimes I don’t agree with the things you and your radio partner say, but with this you are spot on. I’ve been saying the same thing for a while now, but I don’t have the voice that you do. So thank you for saying what I can’t. Suh is a young guy who made a couple of mistakes, in the public eye. If all of us had the mistakes of our young twenties publicized, we would all look pretty bad. I think he’s done a pretty decent job of handling the situation, even the interview that you and Mike did with him. He was obviously frustrated with the line of questioning(and I’m NOT saying you guys were wrong to ask those questions)but he handled the ending of the interview a lot better than some guys would have. A lot of guys in his shoes could have been real jerks. That’s also not to say that he keeps getting chances. He has to show that he’s learning from the mistakes he’s made. It’s called growing up. Let’s give him the chance to do so.


  3. Joseph Terrell Says:

    Right on Terry, I’m a life long lions fan. My dad had me in a lions winter coat and hat when i was three. Been dying with the team since the early 80′s. Suh is one of the building blocks of this up and coming team. True lions fans understand what this team has been through and the value Suh brings to the team. I can’t stand these so called band wagon fans, just like when Verlander gets off to a slow start he’s a bum right? I watched every game from start to finish of the 0-16 season, thought andre ware was going to be a pro bowler and when we got bobby ross, man a super bowl coach. Hahaha yes i drink the kool-aid every year but this is a changing of an era before our eyes and any fan who can’t see that is not a true lions fan.


  4. Paul Says:

    The problem is, Suh’s on-field antics are nothing new. He has had these problems throughout his football life – before coming to the Lions. That tells us it is his personality, and that is unlikely to change.

    The sum of what the Lions could get for him is likely greater than what Suh is worth on-field. Also, how long will his body hold out? I see him as Shaun Rogers 2.0


    • Mike Says:

      How long his body will hold up? I thought we were discussing the fact that he was making mistakes on and off the field, not adding to the fire with a medical report. Yes, I don’t agree with some of the things he’s done but that doesn’t mean you should trade him off the bat.

      With what you’re saying, it’s implying that you don’t believe people can change and with that, you have no hope for Suh at all. All of these so, called “Fans” don’t realize that football is a game of intensity; Suh on the other hand has realized this for some time now and just because he plays on a higher intensity than others on the field, that makes him the bad guy.

      Terry, I agree with you one-hundred percent man; Suh has made mistakes but that doesn’t mean we trade him for picks, that’s not the answer.


  5. ziarko Says:

    Unfortunately Suh should be traded..he is a great player..also great trouble..now he is suspended for the Dallas playoff game..as good as a player might be..they don’t help atching from the sidelines….millions of $$$$$$$$ worth of trouble


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