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Suh is a closed book

Written By: Terry Foster | December 15, 2011

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Our interview with Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is being played all over the country. That was never our intent when we interviewed Suh for our weekly chat Wednesday afternoon on the Valenti and Foster Show on 97.1 FM.

Mike Valenti and I were looking for the same answers from Suh that many fans wanted to know during his first day of media availability since being suspended two games for stomping a Green Bay player on Thanksgiving Day. As usual Suh was guarded and did not let us into his world. He simply wanted to move on and focus on football, which is his right.

He never said whether he apologized to teammates. He never said he regretted being suspended while his teammates went on without him. That is his right but it is the wrong move for a guy who cares about his image. It is the wrong move for a guy who wants to do good and be more than a football player.

Suh is quiet and private.  He only lets on to those in his inner circle and once again that is his right. But if you are going to do Subway and Omaha Steak commercials and if you want people to follow you and believe in you, you must give in a little.

Suh has been talked about like a dog nationwide. It would have been nice to see him defend himself or even say he messed up. We all make mistakes. I know I have made my fair share and will continue to. But I am not certain Suh has learned from his mistakes. He could still be a suspension waiting to happen.

I know opponents are coming after him. They will be like sharks who see blood in the water. Suh is bleeding from not being able to control his emotions and people are going to poke, prod and do anything they can to get under his skin.

“That won’t be the first time,” he said.

We will know pretty quickly if Suh has learned from his mistakes. The Oakland Raiders are the craziset team in the NFL and I am certain their goal is to get him to erupt again. Can he hold his emotions? I do not know the answer because Suh would not answer the question.

Certainly some people will think Valenti and I were trying to bait Suh into something. That is not true. We simply gathered the very questions you asked us about Suh and presented them to him. He choose not to answer them and he cut our interview short, even though it was nearly to its conclusion. And I could tell Mike was annoyed at the end. So was I. I just wanted a little something.

Suh is a public relations disaster and needs some help. It would not matter if he didn’t care but I know he does care about his image. He is not as bad as the guy he protrays. And some day he will realize that opening up a little of yourself is not a bad thing.

People might actually see him as a human being.

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8 Responses to “Suh is a closed book”

  1. L Wood Says:

    Terry COME ON MAN its like the guy just got home from prison and Mike’s grilling him about what he did, instead of what hes going to do. He means alot to this team and this City, and even though I dont understand why he did what he did to hurt the team, we still need him, you guys interviewed him like he plays for chicago, dallas, or green bay. Find Jared Allen and ask the deep rooted questions about his comments. I didnt like it! It just didnt sit right with me, hes the heart of the detroit lions playing a difficult ugly possesion and he wants to play here. The media might talk a good game but many fans around country would love to have him, and now im sure yesterday he wished maybe for a second he played somewhere else. Im ashamed


    • Rocco Says:

      Terry, I too am an avid listener. To be honest, Mike’s attitude towards EVERYTHING is just getting old. What is with all the anger. He had a chip on his shoulder when interviewing Suh like he was trying to prove something. He can’t get the questions answered as “our voice of the fan”? So Mike backs him into a corner with
      “why is it always about you?” I mean what a jerk. What do you expect Suh to say after that? Hes going to be on the defensive.

      He’s been gone two weeks and wants to concentrate on football (which I would’ve loved to hear about) and he gets attacked by your main guy on their flagship station. Welcome back home #2 overall pick and Rookie of The Year. Professional Integrity of the interview??? Yeah ok, that’s what it was. It was Mike being a brat.

      To cap it all off, it turned into Suh and Lions bashing for the next 2 hours. Wow. Instead of talking about his return, a huge, emotional game coming up with playoff implications and a win last week the rest of the show turned negative.

      Mikes ego, animosity and personal agenda got in the way of what could have been a fine interview, let Suh play some football and talk to him next week in your “weekly slot” since Mike thinks he knows when and where is the best time for Suh to talk about his personal life.

      Tell Mike to keep up the good work we look forward to hearing you clean up his messes for at least a little while longer and hopefully interviewing Suh again.


  2. Todd Says:

    Terry- I am an avid listener to the show and I just caught the tail end of the interview. Let me just start by saying Suh is not a good interview. I don’t think it’s his fault or anyone who interviews him. There are some people who don’t come over very well when it comes to these sort of things and he is one of them. That being said, I love Mikey when it comes to all his knowledge when it comes to sports, he is scary smart, love the man. but he is to brash and straight forward when it comes to talking to people. He comes across like a typical east coast Jersey/NY/Philly Dbag. I know he doesnt mean it..I know thats just his nature.. Suh is not gonna change. He will not give you anything and has not given the show anything other than moundane answer to basic questions. Mikey is not gonna change..Brash to over the top for a Midwest easy going audience. I don’t feel you did anything wrong on your end..but Mike came across in his tone and delivery. Kinda like a east coast dbag… Love him to death


  3. Marcus Says:

    Hey Terry,

    Maybe Suh is just going to be a bad guy in football. I think as long he can distinguish his on the field persona from his off the field persona there is nothing wrong. It’s true that his thanksgiving antics cost the team and his image, but I’m sure he will get over them. He’s young, and it’s not easy to be a bad guy. You have to learn how to be bad and not have these types of consequences. Anyway, my point is what should he have said? Maybe deep down he liked stepping on that guy. Maybe that’s his character. He’s an engineer, I think he’ll learn from this and be able to avoid costing the team as much as he did this time. Look, I’m not even a Lions fan, but I think you guys shouldn’t be overly concerned with it. I know it’s big news. But if you are really concerned about the team I’d look at Stafford. I think he has cost the lions more than their bad guy image. I actually think he makes his wide outs and tight ends look bad.


  4. cypon Says:

    Valenti and Foster attacking their own Detroit family. You guys should be run out of town.


  5. Westen Says:

    I just want to compliment you on that interview. You truly are a professional interviewer. I thought you asked some really valid questions that actually pertained to future games he will be playing in as well as the here and now. I also admired how you managed to keep your composure despite such a frustrating interview, I know I was getting frustrated with Suh just listening to it.

    It’s really a shame that Suh seemed to view the whole thing as an attack on his privacy rather than an opportunity to set the record straight, as you said, Suh is not just a person, he is a brand, if he doesn’t want to answer these questions for the Detroit fans’ sake, he should at least do it for his own wallet. You guys gave him a great opportunity to help repair a brand that has been damaged.

    I would have said all this on air, but the phone lines were completely busy the whole show. Keep up the good work!


  6. vince pagano Says:

    You guys crossed the line.Just as you have the right to ask the question he has the right not to answer it.Then Mike had to go all New York and get pissed. what a Joke!


  7. Jake l Says:

    I didn’t even hear the interview and I know what happen valenti lost his professionalism as a radio host and started sounding like a new jersey doushbag that didn’t get what he wanted for dinner from his momma I know thats his shtick and selling point and what the producers think that’s what brings listeners in but I’ve seen the ratings and there piss poor the shock value is over with him he better get some intelligence and professionalism or you guys will be over before you know it


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