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Fixing Detroit with my magic wand

Written By: Terry Foster | December 10, 2011

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If I had a magic wand here are 10 thingsI’d do for Detroit.

1. My magic wand would get rid of racism, crime, ignorance and mistrust. We all need each other. Black, white, Hispanic and Asian. Detroit and suburbs. One reason we do not grow is because we do not work together and we are afraid of one another.

2. My magic wand would extend Detroit from the Detroit River to the farthest edges of Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties. We’d be one because we’d be fighting for the same goals.

3. My magic want would build one more Ford, Chrysler and GM plant in the area of our choice. They’d have three shifts going and each would be surrounded by bars, restaurants and neighborhoods.

4. My magic wand would tear down every abandoned house in Detroit and replace it with affordable housing that people would be proud to move to.

5. My magic wand would eliminate dead beat dads and mothers who do not care. If you have a child out of wedlock you’d take care of those children and be in their lives. How about actually getting married? A major reason why Detroit is on its knees is because the family structure is weak. There are too many single parent households.

6. My magic wand would turn downtown into a walkable downtown. Today, there are pockets of nice spots to go to. I’d bridge Bricktown to Greektown, to the stadium district to Fort Street.

7.  My magic wand would build a giant and shiny Motown Museum next to a giant and shiny Michigan Sports Hall of Fame. We love sports and this town is know for its music. Let’s display it and be proud of it.

8. My magic wand would return some of Detroit’s old traditions. The Vernors Bottling plant where we could stop for a Boston Cooler. Qwickee Donuts for lunch and a treat. A downtown Big Boys because that is where I ate lunch with my grandmother and Boblo Island because that is where I played as a child.

9. My magic wand would return Belle Isle into a clean and world class park for families again.

10. My magic wand would give Detroit a budget surplus and give us politicians who want to use the money to further the city and not pad their pockets. 

OK. I am done. I am passing my magic wand to you. What would you do with it?

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9 Responses to “Fixing Detroit with my magic wand”

  1. JoeC Says:

    With my magic wand i’d remove all the lead and other heavy metals that inhabit the dirt and the air surrounding the housing and elementary schools in the city. Children deserve to grow up without the specter of neurological issues from lead poisoning.


  2. Kevin Says:

    3 words regional public transportation.


  3. Kevin Says:

    Bam…Well said Terry.


  4. Gary B Says:

    #4 needs to be done first in my opinion. People from the suburbs in many cases are not coming to the downtown area because of the fear factor.


  5. Downtown David Says:

    I agree with all of your fixes except 2, 3 and 6.

    Detroit is already one of the biggest cities Per sq/ft. Let’s not add to that, but fill in the gaps, like you suggested in #4,

    Do we need another plant, or can we fill or reopen an existing plant? I’m fine with the bars, restaurants and neighborhood around it.

    I already think downtown is walkable. Do we need more businesses connecting the vacant areas? Yes.

    I really like #4. Why aren’t the people in office already doing this?


  6. Asie Morris Says:

    It’s going to take an act of God for any of these things to happen.


  7. Julie Hodge Says:

    Hi Terry,
    35 years ago Indianapolis did what you suggested in #2; they called it Unigov.
    I would love to see Detroit metro to have the same results. Good topic!


  8. Bk Says:

    Love the topic Terry. #4 needs to happen ASAP and i love #7 and #8. I’d like to move the Pistons downtown and really build up that area so people can go downtown at night and not worry about safety. I’d love to see them build up the river area too. How many cities are right on a river like Detroit? Building up that area could really provide some uniqueness to our city and draw people in


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