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Pistons to make playoff push with Prince

Written By: Terry Foster | December 9, 2011

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 Prince is back with the Pistons because President Joe Dumars believed he had a playoff team last season. He simply did not have a playoff coach. Now with the addition of Brandon Knight and Jonas Jerebko the Pistons will be stronger.

That will be the spin this season as the Pistons return with the same old gang. Last season we witnessed one of the most unprofessional teams in NBA history. The Pistons do not want you to judge Rodney Stuckey, Rip Hamilton and Prince as unprofessional. They want you to believe that head coach John Kuester was the problem.  Kuester is out of the way after being hung on a string before being fired.

He definitely was in over his head trying to coach a head strong team. He did not stand up to them but more importantly he did not have the support of management.  When Kuester made tough decisions, like sitting Hamilton, he was on an island by himself. Dumars did not come out and support him in anything and hung him out to dry when he and Hamilton did not speak for weeks.

Let’s be honest. If a guy cannot talk to his starting shooting guard is he really much of a communicator?  Q is a great guy and made some good decisions on the court, but he is not the leader of men. Now the spotlight is on the players. Their new coach Lawrence Frank has the support of new ownership and you can bet if Frank has problems with this group Dumars or owner Tom Gores will step up and give him support.

Dumars wanted Hamilton and Kuester to iron out their differences like men. But when both sides are acting childish the chances of that happening quickly were slim.

Here is something you should know. Frank wanted Prince. He respects his leadership and defensive ability. Prince is a more respected player around the league than he is in Detroit. For Frank, keeping Tay was a top priority.

The Pistons believe they are a playoff team. They must stay healthy and they also cannot afford to put on the boxing gloves against their coach again. If those two things happen they could get the right to be thrashed in the first round by Miami or Chicago.

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One Response to “Pistons to make playoff push with Prince”

  1. Cindy Says:

    And now with Rip gone, maybe everyone will work as a team!

    I’m just excited to see some Deeeeeeeeeeetroit Basketball! I will cheer on my Pistons regardless! Watch out “Super Teams,” The Pistons get it done the old-fashioned way!


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