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I need a date night with momma

Written By: Terry Foster | December 7, 2011

Filed Under: Parenthood

Every other week I sit down with the wife to fill out our planner for the next 14 days.

We fill our dates with soccer practices and games for the kids. Then there are the concerts, plays and movie nights at school. She is the PTA President and is active in two charity groups and my days are filled with two jobs, games, bar appearances and speeches.

What we haven’t done is fill in a spot for dates for mom and dad. We’ve gone out to dinner about six times the past month — all the time with the kids. We rarely have alone time in the fall. There is just too much going on.

Two weeks ago I was excited because it was a Friday and I remember the date book was empty that day. I called her for a last minute date.

“Oh I forgot to tell you. The kids are having a movie night.” she said. “You don’t have to come.”

I usually stop some place for a meal and a couple beers before returning home and relaxing after a hard week on the job.

There won’t be a date this Friday either because of a school activity. On Saturday Celine and mom will be in Saginaw because her forensics team advanced to the regionals and my date will be my son Little B. Last weekend the house was filled with relatives because we hosted Ab’s sister Big Pretty’s wedding shower lunch at Bravo in Livonia.

Our schedules won’t be as hectic soon and we can resume date night. Our dates are not real exciting but they are important. We usually go to a movie and dinner and talk about stopping some place for coffee or wine. We rarely get to the coffeee stop because we are too tired and return home to crash.

But date night is important because we get to talk and laugh and just enjoy each other. I know a number of couples who are in the same rut that we are in. There is plenty of family time but there is not as much alone time. I love going to dinner with the kids and taking them to Dave and Busters. It is great.

But sometimes you want to hold hands with your bride and relax. We need a date night soon.


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2 Responses to “I need a date night with momma”

  1. Scott Says:

    hey terry, I feel your pain. My oldest is almost 14, and my youngest is 6. I leave them home now, about once a week, so my wife and I can go out together. It’s been a long time coming, but we needed it. I know the kids are jealous that mom and dad get to go out to eat, and they’re stuck with a hot and ready, but every couple needs to do this. good luck.


  2. Joseph Terrell Says:

    I know what u mean terry. We have 3 kids and I own my own business. It’s hectic, sometimes feels like I’m in a circus i have no control over. It is rare to go out with just my wife but when we do we try to make the most of it.


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