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Coming out of retirement

Written By: Terry Foster | December 6, 2011

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The other day I sat with a group of guys who’d just finished playing basketball. They play once a week at a local elementary school and described themselves as marginal players with one guy who has a little game.

They invited me to join them the next week. I declined their offer because I am retired from playing pickup basketball. I now change my mind. I hope the offer is still open. I’ve decided to unretire from playing basketball at age 52. I am now in the hunt for new basketball sneakers and for a few games where the players are not the second coming of Michael Jordan.

I want back in the game.

The reason I retired is because I got two black eyes and a number of my buddies tore their Achilles. I was afraid I was next. My wife wanted me to retire from hoops. She did not want to nurse me for three or four months. But my trainer Melissa said I should not be fearful of a major injury playing pickup hoops.

Most of the guys who were injured were out of shape. They were running. Nobody hit them and they pulled up lame. She said my legs are strong and my wind is strong. I should not fear injury. Anybody can get hurt. I do not fear it because I am in shape and I am ready for this.

So if you know of any pickup games where guys are of average to below average ability, I am in. My jumper won’t be true yet. I will probably dribble the ball off my knees a couple of times but I am ready to get up and down the court and have fun.

First I need to find some sweet shoes.


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3 Responses to “Coming out of retirement”

  1. Ron Says:

    Terry, you should come join us up at Lifetime Commerce on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I have seen you around there, and you certainly can’t be worse than some of the guys out there(me included). Of course there are some good players, but most are just marginal pick up basketball players. Email me and I can give you the times we play (don’t want to post it so others don’t come out and make it more crowded than it sometimes gets).


  2. Jason Says:

    Try out the KD’s from Nike Durant’s shoes are comfortable and do not cost over $100


  3. Bk Says:

    can’t go wrong with Dumars Fieldhouse on Mound and M-59


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