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It is time for Lions to address team double standards

Written By: Terry Foster | December 5, 2011

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The Lions did not lose to New Orleans because Ndamukong Suh was not with the team. The Lions lost to the Saints because they failed to address the reasons why Suh was not with the team.

The lack of discipline trickles beyond The Stomper. We discovered additional melt downs dogs on the team and it cost the Lions on a night that the Saints were ready to be beat. The Lions played undiciplined and selfish football while losing 31-17 to the Saints on the team’s first Sunday Night Game in history.

Guess what?

The Lions hung with the powerful Saints and blew opportunities to win this game. The Lions nearly pulled off another miracle come back after trailing 24-7 at half time but they kept getting in their own way with 11 penalties for 109 yards. Now here is my prediction. The Lions will jump up big and bad and talk about cleaning up undisiplined play.

They will do it because the culprets were Brandon Pettigrew, Stefan Logan and Titus Young. They came down hard on these guys much harder than they did Suh because Suh is a super star and the rest of these guys are not. Yes, they must clean up the mistakes but they must also clean up the double standards.

The Lions should have gotten in Suh’s face with the same vengence as they did lesser players. They didn’t and they sent the message that it is OK to act a fool in the heat of battle. Remember, Suh got booted when the Lions still had a punchers chance to beat Green Bay. Then the undisciplined play continued when they had a punchers chance to beat the Saints.

This is no longer a Suh issue or a Titus Young issue. This is a coach Jim Schwartz issue and anybody else who is a team captain in that dressing room. They failed as leaders and it cost the Lions a possible victory and slot in the playoffs. My advice is for the team to get in the face of teammates who failed them and tell them this won’t be tolerated again. And they must do it again when Suh returns from his two game suspension.

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8 Responses to “It is time for Lions to address team double standards”

  1. Matt Says:

    You forgot Nate Burleson.
    I’ll give you one push off penalty…but 3 and a facemask?
    He hurt the lions just as much as those PFs.


  2. Steve in Novi Says:

    Great blog, T. I’ve been thinking the same all year. Tons of thoughtless penalties before the snap and after the whistle, and the response has always been “Well, we play aggressive football.” It’s time to see some disciplined football…


  3. Matt DSN Says:

    The Lions have been undisciplined for the past decade, its who thus franchise is. No matter how good or bad, the numbers don’t lie when you add up personal fouls, pass interference and false starts – its a disgrace.

    This goes well before Schwartz in my opinion also, a problem this big that has gone on this long shows us all yet again that even our owners need to change.

    And to you Nate Bureleson – two weeks ago on channel 4 after the Caroline game, you asked Detroit to stop “booing” you guys cause you were trying really hard…my answer is still the same – NO. You need to earn our respect and overall thus team has yet to do this.



  4. BID316 Says:

    Yes, Terry, the Lions DO have discipline issues.

    Beyond that, the officiating in the NFL is SO horrible. It makes the games almost un-watchable!!

    Jennings’ catch is a TD, but Gresham’s two weeks ago wasn’t?!! Calvin Johnson’s wasn’t?!! You gotta be friggin’ kidding me!!

    Relating the TERRIBLE officiating to last night?

    Okay, 3rd and 7 for the Saints, five Lions jump off-side and get back. That could be the result of a hard count, but it is usually because an offensive player moved. Saints don’t try to hike the ball and the call is encroachment?!! Saints convert 1st down after five-yard penalty!!

    Later in the game, three Lions jump off-side and get back. The Saints hike the ball and there’s no encroachment?!!

    Some calls were missed. This always happens. I get that. But three offensive pass interference calls on one player? At least, one of the calls was ticky-tacky. This was not the first time Burleson has been flagged for offensive pass interference in 2011. I think that he either doesn’t understand the rules, or he doesn’t realize what he’s ACTUALLY doing… OR he has a reputation. You can’t get three offensive pass interference calls in one game even if you have a reputation. That’s just ridiculous!! That would be like… like… Admitting there’s holding on every play!!

    Wright got pulled down and flagged on one play and later on a TD pass, an offensive player attempted to grab Wright and impede him from behind and made contact on his shoulder pads. This is a ticky-tacky offensive pass interference. You HAVE to make that call on a TD if you make the other ticky-tacky calls on plays which did NOT result in a TD.

    Brandon Pettigrew’s “unsportsmanlike conduct” was not nearly as bad as it looked. Yes, he should show more discipline. But watch the play again. NBC showed it in slow motion from field level and as the referee walked between the two players, he elbowed Pettigrew in the chest. Pettigrew SHOULD DEMONSTRATE MORE DISCIPLINE, but I can see his reaction as “a reflex.” You don’t expect to get elbowed by an official… EVER!! Even though you should NEVER make contact with an official, the official was terribly wrong. He should NEVER have initiated contact with Pettigrew. Yes, I’m sure that his heart was in the right place and he was just trying to do his job to the best of his ability, BUT… If the official stands between the two players as any good official should, Pettigrew could be disqualified for “making contact with…” This is the sole reason that Pettigrew was not kicked out of the game. I’ll be very surprised if he gets fined. To a degree, the official made that situation worse than it already was. This is NOT his job and the official should be disciplined as you would discipline any player who broke the rules (if you’re a law and order commissioner).

    Yeah, bad luck, bad calls and a serious lack of discipline made it IMPOSSIBLE for the Lions to win that game.


  5. Bill Says:

    This does need to be addressed by the coaching staff, but it will be hard to get these guys to turn the other cheek for a while. The NFL sent a message to the Lions last night that they are not going to get any calls, and you could see the frustration of all the little penalties called on the Lions and nothing called on the Saints was building up. Then the Saints poked at the Lions and the Lions reacted. The coaching staff needs to find a way to keep these guys calm, because they are going to have a target on their back for other teams and referees for the rest of this season.


  6. BID316 Says:

    Hey, Terry,

    The Lions are the Ravens!!

    Remember this 2005 game?


    I recall it well. Ravens were the victim of a bad call or two and TOTALLY lost composure (and eventually the game).


  7. Jackie Says:

    Hard things to hear, but absolutely all the right things to say. Good job, Terry. This is not a “bad referees” problem or a “the media is against us” problem. This is OUR problem. Some coaches and players actually gave these guys making curtail mistakes in curtail games and at curtail times a pat on the helmet after their actions as if to say, “That’s OK, man. Don’t worry about it.” I only saw one veteran player get in someone’s face. I’m so glad a camera was on him at the time. I never heard one person say they thought we could beat the Saints prior to the game. Then they went out and proved they actually could out play them, but they couldn’t out think them.


  8. William Phillips Says:

    The lions were not going to win against the saints. The secondary is so beat up, and unorganize, that Drew Brees was going to have his way with the secondary. Brees had VIP treatment the whole night.It was a glairing weakness.
    Suh needed a game off, or two. He is an emotional player with extreme action. Suh needs to focus on the sacks, and the disruption. Farley had a sack, and a couple quality tackles, before he fatigued.
    The lions need to regroup. We have Minnesota, and two AFC west teams. All three are winnable with our explosive passing game. Even the finale against Green Bay has winnable options with Green Bay dealing with being undefeated, or on a letdown.
    The lions need three wins to make the playoffs. Two wins is a disapointing ‘season’ …


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