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Roses are red and divorce is blue

Written By: Terry Foster | December 2, 2011

Filed Under: Life, Opinion

Our receptionist Cheryl signed her divorce papers on Wednesday and I know what a depressing day that can be. She told me the day before about her plans and you could see the pain in her eyes. Her eyes got watery.  The divorce was for the best and she could not wait for her freedom but it is still a depressing day.

I wanted to do something nice for her but I did not know it would result in me being called a creeper. I bought Cheryl flowers and sat them on her desk. The three red roses cost me all of $9 but it became a topic on The Valenti and Foster radio show. Was I being a nice guy? Or was I being a creeper?

It stunned me that creeper won out when all I was trying to do was be a nice guy.

I’ve gone through divorce and although you are convinced it is the right thing to do, it is still very difficult to sign those papers. I cried. My ex wife cried.

A number of my friends have gone through divorce. Some want to be left alone on signing day. Other times we’ve taken dudes out to dinner, the bar or the strip club. Whatever they want, they get. Older people understand the pain. It is not an easy thing even though it is the right thing to do.

Sometimes it is like a New Orleans wake. You mourn the ending but you celebrate the beginning and wish all parties the best.

Why did I get the flowers?

I felt sorry for her and wanted her day to be brighter. That’s it. I guess I feel compassion for people. Life is not easy and sometimes you need colors in your life. You need flowers or chocolate or even a simple card to get you through.

Do something for one of your friends if they are going through a divorce. I guess flowers are out of the question, however.  You get labeled a creeper by some people.


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