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The Cass Tech letter is another sad commentary

Written By: Terry Foster | November 30, 2011

Filed Under: Opinion

I read the letter to Cass Tech football coach Tom Wilcher that is filled with venom and racism.

I however, refuse to believe it is from somebody associated with Catholic Central High School — unless it is some fringe fan — and I refuse to believe it is the sentiment of that school or anybody associated with the football program. The letter is a sad commentary of we have not totally overcome.

If you have not read it, it is making the rounds on twitter and face book. It demeans Cass Tech’s Division I victory over CC and predicts that the mostly black players will end up in jail. It calls CT a DPS holding tank and refers to the low graduation rates of Detroit Public School children.

The letter concludes by saying: “The ghetto warriors had their Saturday, but in life they are losers.”

It was signed by someone who I am certain did not use their real name.

Most people in this community do not think this way, but there are enough who do that prevent us from mending. The guy is obviously ignorant and upset about Cass winning the state title.  However, he makes an assumption that all kids from Detroit are losers and don’t care about education and are thugs and thieves.

Dumb bell picked on the wrong school. Cass Tech is not what it used to be but it remains one of the top academic schools in the state. Kids there care about education. They care about going to college and making names for themselves. The list of successful CT alumnus stretches across the country and the list will get longer.

I attended Cass Tech and it was no walk in the park during my three years there. The teachers challenged you. And students challenged each other.

I do not have to defend my school. I just wonder why someone took the time to spew this hatred in a letter? What was the point? Did it make them feel better about CC losing to the Technicians?

My guess is it is some frustrated loser who hates Detroit. They hate black people and they hate seeing a mostly black city school stand on top of the prep football world.

Very sad.



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20 Responses to “The Cass Tech letter is another sad commentary”

  1. Dave Jakes Says:

    I’m a fan of Catholic Central getting beat at anything, so I was happy when I heard they lost. Let’s face it, CC has lots of advantages over most programs, so it’s great when an underdog steps up and shows you still have to prove it on the field. The letter writer got one thing right: “Warriors”. Congratulations!


  2. Rob Kaylor Says:

    I am a 2011 CC grad. I assure you no one from CC wrote this letter. At CC we are taught goodness, discipline and knowledge. It is our school motto. After attending CC for four years I can assure everyone that no one in the CC family would write something like this. Sure we all know CC is hated by most and lots of people enjoy seeing them lose. What I can say is that when CC loses, although angry, they lose with class. This letter was racist and it shook CT to it’s core. The CT coach as well as the CC AD have discussed this and I feel that it has been settled between the two schools. As a grad, obviously I’m upset with the loss, but I also congradulate Cass Tech on an amazing year and they deserve the title.


  3. Jack Jackson Says:

    I wonder how the kids from Cass Tech are feeling and I also wonder how the coaches are helping these kids deal with this. My question to you Terry Foster is who do you blame for something like this on?

    1. Parents Racism is hereditary
    2. CC Coaches Attitude Reflects Leadership
    3. Media The media constantly acts as if things like this never happen
    4. Society


  4. Ron Says:

    Talking about this stuff just gives these people’s messages more value than they are worth.

    At the end of the day, what other people think about is NONE of your business.

    If we all knew what other’s felt, none of us would get along.

    The coach should have ripped it up and threw it away… It’s a complete waste of energy.


  5. Anthony Coggins Says:

    I was at the game, and it is too bad a person has to try and ruin a great day. Cass Tech played fantastic, and CC worked their tails off to try and keep up; I honestly believe they just ran into a “buzz saw” that day. Do I think Cass Tech is 30 points better than CC – probably not. Could CC win if they played again – maybe. Does Cass Tech deserve the title – ABSOLUTELY! The bottom line is two great teams from two great schools played Saturday, and everyone seemed to enjoy the game. People like the person who wrote the letter don’t even deserve acknowledgement.



  6. cc alum 2011 Says:

    one thing from this letter: its not folded. ie it wasnt mailed. this whole thing seems coincidental at best; not a single racist would drive down to detroit to hand deliver a racist letter. im not sure why anyone would do it, but this seems like it could be from someone affiliated with CT


    • Vicki Says:

      The pic of the letter that is going around is a XEROX COPY of the original letter which simply explains the folds. I saw the original. It was sent in a regular envelope via US mail with a FAKE return address. We need to quit looking for conspiracy around every corner and accept there are ignorant fools in this world.


  7. scott Says:

    Its quite likely it wasnt someone who hates DPS or loves CC but rather a guy who likes to stir up trouble, throw bombs..look at all the attention its getting already. The guy may not be racist at all, just an attention lover, could be black too..happened at Seaholm


  8. Brendan Says:

    @cc alum 2011, i had thought it was emailed? tht was just what i thought, i could be wrong. if it was emailed, most likely under an false email address


  9. RealOne Says:

    Only a true D bag and coward would publish a letter like that, its just too bad that the letter itself has to get the coverage it is getting, because whoever the punk is that wrote it is smiling every time its discussed on the radio or tv. Terry point is spot on, we have not (completely) overcome.


    • detroit stand up Says:

      But this type of thing needs to come out more. The more we excel as a in sports and as a city, the more the truth will come out. believe it or not, it’s a lot of people in the suburbs not only in southeast Michigan but across the state hope Detroit and it’s mostly black citizens fail. This is a sad fact, why must we have this same conversation every five or six years; when someone – through cowardice – tells the truth about the feelings of most suburbanites( white people)?


  10. Kory Says:

    CC are all cocky I know alot of them and they all think this and if u have ever been to a cc game u would know what it is like they can not take a loss.


  11. ct pride Says:

    CC alum 2011

    I am a CT alum 01 and there is no pride like Cass Tech pride. Why would someone from Cass do this? To belittle ourself and make the students who weren’t in on it feel worthless and like a failure. NO.


  12. Jay Says:

    @CC Alum,

    As a Cass Tech alumni I assure you no one from the school would stoop to those lengths to get attention off of Saturday’s win. We have the title, would we need to send the letter? We have the parade, and the team has the respect that they deserve.


  13. CCpride Says:

    I currently attend CC. The letter was not written by a CC student. A letter that degrading is awful and would result in immediate dismissal from the school if the author were a student.

    In many classes today the mood was subdued because we were all embarassed that a letter like this could possibly be attached to our school. Not for one moment did anyone believe the letter was written by a CC student.

    We know CT was the better team last Saturday. All football players I know have agreed to this. Both schools are great and this racist bigot is giving bad press to CC when they are most likely not even related to the school.


  14. CT Alum Says:

    I would agree that these were two great teams going head to head sports wise. But because someone took the time to write such a racist letter is pathetic. I will say Cass Tech has moved on and is above any negativity that comes their way. I graduated in 2003 from CT, and I must say Cass did a damn good job with me. I havent seen the letter in person but we cant say because the paper wasnt folded it wasnt mail…On some of the pics posted you can tell its a copy. But nevertheless, CASS TECH STILL THE BEST…


  15. brandi Says:

    And as always there’s someone dismissing racism.


  16. detroit stand up Says:

    Why is everyone shocked by this? This guy is apparently saying what most whites feel in their true heart of hearts. We are the most segregated city in the country.This type of racism is a product of social ignorance.


  17. BID316 Says:

    Terry, et al.,

    The very best thing about the Internet is that it gives the everyday person a voice. The very worst thing about the Internet is that… It gives the everyday person a voice.

    We sorta have to take the bad with the good. It would be great if every person on the Internet only spoke truth and each had pure and altruistic motives. Since this is not the case, in life (anywhere else), we have to use common sense. We have to evaluate everything which we read via the Internet.

    Bill Gates is not giving you millions.
    We aren’t going to get some secret cookie recipe.
    Wikipedia should not be recognized as a rock-solid reliable source.
    Chain e-mails will not give you good or bad luck.
    Everyday people who write stories, posts, opinions and blogs are different from journalists and these individuals MAY be subject to their own general prejudices (racial and otherwise).

    So, even if this was a “real” letter expressing a “real” opinion, it doesn’t really matter unless it is a reflection of a significant faction. The only reason that we’ve heard about it, seen it, read it and evaluated it is because it is “unusual” and “controversial.”

    There’s probably not too many smart people who attend or have attended nor who teach or have taught at Cass Tech or Catholic Central (nor any where else, for that matter) who should pay this any mind. We give more weight and credibility by trying to dissect “where he went wrong.”

    I’ve been attacked on the Internet by people who don’t know me and will never know me and I “used to be” alarmed by how many of these attacks took a racial turn (from those who may see my face on Twitter and who are aware of my ethnicity). This happens everyday and I don’t make the news as often as Cass Tech nor Catholic Central. Essentially, I’m an everyday person. So, imagine the “attacks” which any person with a modicum of fame must see.

    Let’s move along people. Nothing (new) to see, here!


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