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Michigan football is back to annoying the Spartans

Written By: Terry Foster | November 27, 2011

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Michigan football is not only back. But Michigan football is back to annoying Michigan State.

Michigan State better beat Wisconsin in next week’s Big Ten title game or the Spartans (10-2) will watch Big Brother go to a BCS game while it settles for the Capital One Bowl. Not only will the Spartans be in a lesser bowl but they are likely to face a tougher team.

The word is Michigan (10-2) is headed for the Sugar Bowl to play Houston, which is a paper unbeaten team. And that game is going to get all kinds of publicity. Michigan will be back as a national power and the media will be all over the Houston team. Here is my prediction. Illinois fires coach Ron Zook and Houston coach Kevin Sumlin becomes a hot candidate to replace him.

So you combine the Sugar Bowl and Michigan and hot coaching candidate for a juicy must watch national game. Nobody wants to watch Houston play a no name team. But many folks want to see Michigan return to BCS status.

Meanwhile, the Spartans will be in the shadows while playing a team like Arkansas. Few people will notice.

Michigan is like the pretty prom queen. Even though she has a tattered dress she still gets all of the attention. Michigan State wins all the awards at the beauty pageant but the Wolverines are still the darling of every body’s eye. It is unfair but that is the reality of things.

And Denard Robinson and coach Brady Hoke make Michigan more of an appeal. Robinson is dynamic and mistake prone. Hoke is hokey. Michigan State counters with Mark Dantonio and quarterback Kirk Cousins. They are both great guys but they do not carry the same appeal.

It is always about Michigan and Michigan State in this state and the Spartans could be dealt a bigger blow. Remember it was Michigan that went to the Orange Bowl in 1999 even though the Spartans beat the Wolverines in head to head competition and had the same record.

There is an ugly train headed to East Lansing with Brady Hoke as the conductor. The only way for the Spartans to head it off is to beat Wisconsin and go to the Rose Bowl.

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15 Responses to “Michigan football is back to annoying the Spartans”

  1. Jamie Favreau Says:

    Okay I read this on Twitter via @tomleyden and really this confuses me. If I had to choose a team to root for it would be U of M but I am just a casual fan and really don’t have my heart in college football so it doesn’t matter to me.

    I just don’t understand how MSU got rewarded with playing a title game but if they LOSE they lose big. They might have the same number of losses but they played more games so that should go into consideration. How messed up.

    Why can’t college football do something that can be translated into English and the casual fan can understand? This is really confusing and it shouldn’t be this hard.


    • Joe Says:

      MSU won the division, therefore they EARNED a right to play in the title game. UM came in tied for third place, therefore they did not earn anything. It’s not that hard to understand.


    • Sarah Says:

      Great point! I don’t understand how this is even possible….


  2. Dan Says:

    I’m a Michigan fan, but if Michigan were to play Houston, we would get smoked. Our secondary, as evident by watching the OSU game, is weak. We do not pressure the QB and Keenum would eat us alive. MSU will lose to Wisky, but I hope MSU does get the nod to go to a BCS bowl game. They deserve it more than us. They played a tougher schedule than us. Plus, I’d rather they get embarrassed!


    • Marc Says:

      If you’re really a Michigan fan, you should want Michigan to play in the Sugar Bowl against Houston. Houston’s passing game will present a challenge for Michigan, but Michigan will put a lot of points on the board and will be favored to win.

      In response to some other comments, Michigan finished second in the Legends Division (not tied for third) and will be the only Big 10 team with two losses that is not going to the Rose Bowl. Michigan lost in East Lansing on an extremely windy day, but Michigan defeated two teams (Nebraska and Notre Dame) that routed Michigan State. If Michigan State plays in the Outback Bowl against South Carolina as projected, South Carolina will be favored, so Michigan State should not be whining that it deserves a better bowl.


  3. Ryan Says:

    Terry as an MSU student, this is my worst nightmare. You are dead-on, MSU dominated Dennard and U of M and have had a great season, even schlacking a hot NW team in a game that didn’t matter. But…U of M has the sexy factor, every downriver Dave and Howell Harry in the state of Michigan roots U of M, they have history and a huge traveling fan base! It sucks, it’s not fair that Matt Foley and the vaunted Michigan defense (how many points did OSU’s awful offense put up today?) get to play in a BCS bowl game while the Spartan’s BCS chances are contingent upon beating arguably (yeah right) the other big dog in the conference, Wisconsin. I get it, just win the damn game Spartans and you’ll be in the best place any Big Ten team can get to. I just hate how the chips are stacked against the better team, and for every scUM fan out there, I would welcome a rematch now, you are the same team that rolled into EL ranked in the top ten, overrated with a garbage defense and a dynamic offensive player that could turn the ball over 5 times in one game or score 100 points. Make no mistake I hate you UofM, but I think you had a good year and deserve to play in a good bowl but I don’t think a win over an OSU team in shambles should qualify you to play one of the “best” 8 teams in the country. I’m ready to go to Pasadena, go green!!!!


  4. DJ Says:

    Terry already said it. “Wolverines are still the darling of every body’s eye”.


  5. Chemechelle Says:

    Terry, I could not agree with you more.
    Michigan, because of it’s rich tradition
    often steals the show. When they aren’t
    doing well many others, along with
    Wolverines, want them to be doing well.
    College football is more exciting when the
    Wolverines are contenders.


  6. Justin Says:


    The bowl process is about money, and UM draws better than MSU, plus the storylines behind a UM bowl game will be bigger. The BCS doesn’t care about better teams (which MSU is if for no other reason than the head-to-head win), it cares about money. Unfortunately for MSU, they don’t have the panache a resurgent UM team does, and it will take a long time before they get there.

    Dantonio is building a solid program in MSU, but UM’s history continues to play a large roll in their hype. ‘Largest living alumni base’ doesn’t hurt UM’s cause either. It’s all $$$ to the BCS.


  7. Richard Mullen Says:

    You nailed it on the head Terry. The current MSU team is paying for the underachievers of the past few decades. Until they year in and year out are playing for the Big Ten title they wont get the national attention which leads to better bowls. The bowls are about “sexy” match ups which will bring in fans and tv ratings…MSU just isn’t quite there yet. I’m a State fan and while I hate to admit it…”It is What It Is!!”


  8. Terrell Wilson Says:

    Dantonio will leave Sparty for the same reasons Sabban did.No national appeal no one
    wants to see Sparty! Plus recruiting in the Midwest is going to be brutal for Sparty with Hoke
    and Nebraska here here.#GOBLUE


  9. Todd Brittingham Says:

    It happens all the time…little brothers get big heads…then they get put back in their place…now all that’s left is the crying on mama’s shoulder…


  10. Jamie Favreau Says:

    Okay so you get to play in the Title Game but that does not mean you get a BCS Bowl game? What is the point of the Title game if you can’t go to a Bowl?


  11. Ben Says:

    This is still in the air – if Oklahoma State wins they get they may push Alabama to 3rd (and the Sugar Bowl).

    If Baylor wins (they likely jump Michigan) requiring Michigan to jump over 3 other teams (1 of which is MSU or Wisc). That leaves Georgia / Houston / Kansas State)

    Will be a great day of games.


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