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It is time to enjoy the biggest bar night

Written By: Terry Foster | November 23, 2011

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I am debating whether to enjoy the biggest bar night of the year. I might have to work the Red Wings tonight and may peak my head in some place afterwards just to experience it.

I never go out on the biggest bar night because there are usually too many people stuffed into places. It sounds like fun. It sounds like an opportunity to meet new people and laugh and sing and all that good stuff. But where do you go?

I am not into those high roller bars with the big prices and the fake talk. I like more cozy spots with music and down to Earth people. I like a burger and a beer, not sushi and saki. I’d rather cozy up and talk to somebody with a real life rather than somebody living a fairy tale experience.

In other words I am more into dive than jive.

I never liked dance clubs. You cannot talk and I have always been shy about asking somebody to dance. And quite often I did not want to dance any way even when I was a so called dancer.

My favorite times in a bar is sitting at the corner of a bar, surrounded with people and talking every day life. There would be pretty women around to marvel at and sometimes flirt with. There would be guys around who love sports and love to talk. We’d have nachos (no cheese whiz), appetizers, beers and an occasional shot to something that does not make sense.

“Hey man how about a toast for people with big noses?”


This is a night to hug, to make new friends and of course drive responsibly.

This is a night of introductions and fun. And it is a night of being thankful and being silly at the same time.

I am going to dip my feet into the waters of the biggest bar night. I am just deciding where to go swimming. I hope you have fun. Enjoy and stay thirsty my friends.


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