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Big Blue is back

Written By: Terry Foster | November 20, 2011

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Sound the trumpets.  Blow the horns.

Big Blue is back.

I am declaring the Michigan football program back on solid footing again thanks to the headless headset man Brady Hoke. You cannot ignore that Michigan is 9-2 after a 45-17 demolition of Nebraska. You cannot keep saying they did not play anybody.  They’ve played everybody placed before them and the only blemishes came to Michigan State and Iowa. That’s not bad.

And that is a pretty quick turn around from the Rich Rodriguez era. You can credit Hoke who removed the mental blur that placed this program into a funk. The Wolverines are still not very talented. I still hear Michigan fans complain about quarterback Denard Robinson and say the offense is no good. They still question the defense’s individual talent but you cannot deny what it has done as a whole.

Michigan is back to threatening for Big Ten titles. Michigan is back to winning nine games or more. Michigan is back to being an intimidating force. Now Michigan can validate that with a victory over Ohio State, a team that is struggling still from the tattoo fall out that side tracked the program.

Michigan should beat Ohio State. Michigan will beat Ohio State.

And when that happens who is going to stand up and say the program is not back? You have no choice but to admit it even if you are a Spartan.


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One Response to “Big Blue is back”

  1. John Says:

    No bowl victory, No Big Ten Title and No National Title, how can Michigan be “back”? Their only “big” win coming at home against Nebraska (which I admit was a good win, it also sealed MSU going to the Big Ten Championship.) Listening to UM fans that base their success on National Titles (and who don’t care about Big Ten titles…good luck against the SEC) to say they are back is a little premature in my opinion.

    If UM beats OSU will any UM fan (true or walmart version) accept the argument that OSU was in a “down year” and the win shouldn’t really count. Much like many UM fans discredit the 4 straight years MSU beat UM.


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