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Great customer service trumps bad burger

Written By: Terry Foster | November 15, 2011

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A few weeks ago I told the story of the cheese whiz nachos at Bar Louie’s in Novi. I was told by a bartender that the nachos were delicious. I ordered them and was disappointed to see them splattered with cheese whiz. I told him the cheese whiz nachos did not taste good and he kind of shrugged like ”too bad”" and explained that everybody else liked them and that this was a home made recipe. I did not like the way the bartender handled it so I have not been back since.

And it is a place I visited quite frequently because it is a fun spot to watch games.

Last weekend a bartender handled things the right way. I went to O’Toole in Waterford for a burger. Their burgers have always been delicious so I decided to enjoy one while watching the Red Wings play.  The burger tasted funny. I don’t know if it was the seasoning or if it were the burger itself. But it didn’t taste like the O’ Toole’s burger I’d had before.

“I can tell you are not enjoying your burger,” she said. ‘What’s wrong?”

I explained that the burger did not taste right and that it was a little dry. She offered to bring me another dish. She asked questions about the burger, apologized and took the burger off my bill. I felt like she really cared and her customer service was superb.  I will return. I won’t order the burger but I promise to return and try one of the new dishes she said the restaurant will parade out in a few days. 

Currently there are four local restaurants on my banned list.  One spot under cooked my steak and put it in the microwave when I wanted it cooked more. And another place stuck gravy on chicken strips and tried to say it was chicken Marsala’s.

I know it won’t make a difference. They will continue to do business and my chump change won’t make a difference.  The great thing is I have plenty of choices to spend my money. And I am not going somewhere that does not provide quality customer service.

Why should I?



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One Response to “Great customer service trumps bad burger”

  1. Shawn Freeman Says:

    Hey buddy…long time no see. You know that I would never associate myself with a place that didn’t do right by its guests or offered a less than quality product. I told Mike when he came to Ohio a few weeks ago that I am now with Bar Louie and was upset by your blog. I am not upset that you wrote it, I am upset that it came to that. I can assure you that we make our own Queso sauce, daily, and that guest service is one of our biggest focuses as a company. I am sorry you had a bad tim in Novi, and would love to impress you as much as I have been impressed by this company. Please contact me…Mike or Cori have my #.


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