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Lions loss brings out the doom and gloom

Written By: Terry Foster | November 14, 2011

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Why is it that every time the lions lose that my voice mail and twitter is filled with extreme bouts of the blues? After every loss people predict that they will revert to the old Lions, finish 8-8 and miss the playoffs. It happened again Sunday when the Lions were throttled 37-13 by the Chicago Bears.

It was a nasty game that turned shortly after the first play. But you knew it was not going to be the Lions day when Julius Peppers cloths lined Calvin Johnson and caused a fumble. I was listening to the NFL Network this morning and they said that will definitely be a fine. If that is the case why was it not a penalty and Lions ball?

The Lions were dreadful but that play seemed to define the game. They never recovered from that and six turnovers and a pretty good brawl later the Lions found themselves tied with the Bears at 6-3. The only good news is the team remains in the playoffs but must hold off Atlanta, one game back, and a host of other teams.

I never expected the Lions to be this bad. In fact I thought they would win. I am serious. They were coming off the bye week. The Bears were coming off a Monday Night Football game at Philadelphia. The Lions should have been refreshed. Instead it looked like a team still on vacation.

However, the Carolina game is a new day and I do not believe momentum carries over from game to game. They are 16 separate chapters. It is a game the Lions should win. If they don’t then those 8-8 doomsayers might be on to something.

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One Response to “Lions loss brings out the doom and gloom”

  1. Ron Says:

    I don’t think it’s the end of the world that they lost a game here. They (as a whole) had a bad game, and I expect them to bounce back and play well this week.

    I still fully expect them to finish 9-7 or 10-6 this year, and make the playoffs. I’m not going to cry in my beer over a single loss. They will recover, because this is NOT the “same old Lions”.


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