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We all love our winning football teams no matter what

Written By: Terry Foster | November 9, 2011

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I’ve heard from a bunch of people who say that if they were Penn State fans they would refuse to show up for Saturday’s Big Ten show down against Nebraska.

Of course these are mostly Michigan and Michigan State fans. I simply don’t buy that. There will be more than 100,000 people in Happy Valley for the game. The bottom line is this is college football and people root for their school no matter what. If a coach were involved in a sex scandal at Michigan the Big House would be packed with 110,000 people and there would be 76,000 at Spartan Stadium if the same happened in East lansing.

We always ask for others to act above board when we are not willing to do the same.

Look what happened Tuesday night. Penn State students showed up at head coach Joe Paterno’s door step and gave him a rousing display of support. They still believe in him. College head coaches are kings. They rule the schools they coach. They make more money than the college president and they often are the faces of the universities.

It is time for Joe Pa to move on for more reasons than this sex scandal involving his old defensive coordinator. But until that happens he is the king of Happy Valley.

Many people defend their programs. If the Detroit News or Free Press ran a story about sexual scandal at Michigan most Michigan fans would initially want to shoot the messenger than look into the accusations. They see big blue rebounding and they don’t want to see that derailed.

What should penn State fans do this weekend? They should show up and enjoy the Nebraska game, just as you would if it were your school.



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4 Responses to “We all love our winning football teams no matter what”

  1. Rob C Says:

    Well said, Terry. I’ll hold off judgement until we hear what he (Joe) has to say. Although I find it extremely odd that Penn State students hold hands and sing in front of the house of a man who could have potentially covered up child sex abuse. Just wow.


  2. Dave Jakes Says:

    In a way, I feel like we are all part of the problem because we have made football THE most important thing.


  3. big red Says:

    What happened at penn state is not just a Tradgey on a spors level but a national tradgey in this country and to think most responses I see are about how this hurts the name of Penn state even though another victim steps forward is riduclious.even today the school is doing what it does best and that is trying to protect its image and brand. by allowing the coaches to be a part of that team and that institutin even though according to a grand jury testimony that said clearly at a minmum everyone new something wrong had taken place but did nothing about is just shows how far they would go to protect the brand. Fans should go to the game why not but the school needs to save face before Saturday and put in place another interm staff if it don’t they once again will show the world the brand is bigger and football is bigger no matter what has happened. Not saying cancel the season or games but get rid of everyone and put a intern coach in. For all those who say. What about student athletes who had nothing to do with it I say what about victims did anyone care when their rights where being violated ? So why should anyone care about their so called rights often we forget that they are students first and athletes second also that they play for an institution that has by its own accounts admmited wrong doing but what is truly sad here is the focus is all about Penn states image and brand and football. I am a bigger football fan then anything but would someone please step up at this school and be a leader and do what is right for the victims first and then Penn state second.


  4. Cindy Says:

    Unfortunately, the KIDS who play college ball are also affected. Their leader has fallen and their program will suffer. But they had nothing to do with the heinous crimes. It is a tough situation. I would still want to support my alma mater’s team, but I would be screaming for all of the leaders involved to be fired and/or prosecuted.


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