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Sorry blue. Michigan did not get screwed

Written By: Terry Foster | November 7, 2011

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Michigan never loses football games. The Wolverines either run out of time or get screwed by the officials.

It happened again following the Wolverines 24-16 loss to Iowa Saturday afternoon.  Wolverine fans are complaining about the incomplete pass to Junior Hemingway near the end of the game that hurt is chances to pull off a miracle comeback.

So the question is did Michigan get screwed as many fans say? The answer is no. And I actually disagree with the reason why. Hemmingway’s knee hit the ground inbounds but the ball hit the ground also. So even though Hemingway had the ball, the fact is the nose of the ball touched the ground.

When it happened I was standing next to a Michigan fan who was screaming “touchdown” during the replay review. I told him officials were not going to call it a touchdown because the ball was exposed in his hands and that it touched the ground although he held onto the ball.  This play has been called over and over in the NFL and college football. It even happened in the New York  Jets- Buffalo Bills game on Sunday.

When that ball touches the ground officials are going to call it incomplete most of the time. This was not a conspiracy to screw Michigan. This call is being called this way until further notice. Look what happened to Calvin Johnson last season. I thought it was a dumb call but I was told over and over that it was the right call even though common sense said it was a touchdown against the Bears.

Here is what Michigan fans should complain about. How come your offense looks great in September but becomes stale against the Big Ten? Why is your team trailing Iowa at that point of the game? And why does this coaching staff insist on trying to turn Denard Robinson into Tom Brady when he plays more like former Bears quarterback Bobby Douglas?

And finally when Michigan gets the ball down in the red zone at the end it did not try to run Robinson once?

Michigan did not deserve to win that game because it was not the better team. It got what it deserved. And here is the final point even if Michigan got that call was there a guarantee it was going to convert the two point conversion and win in overtime?


5 Responses to “Sorry blue. Michigan did not get screwed”

  1. Brady Hoax Says:

    The most important point of the article:

    …even if Michigan got that call was there a guarantee it was going to convert the two point conversion and win in overtime?


  2. Justin Says:

    The problem with that argument is the rules state that the ball can touch the ground as long as it does not move within the receivers possession. It didn’t.

    I agree that I was surprised that Denard didn’t take off on fourth down at least, but to say that Iowa was the better team is not particularly accurate. They won, true, but the better team does not always win (see also: St. Louis Rams over New Orleans Saints).

    Sorry Terry, this one’s on the zebras.


  3. Bobby Says:

    Terry my man… you are wrong. I am a Michigan fan and student, not a “walmart wolverine”. I am rational and don’t think anything I am saying is “delusional”. I agree completely that Michigan needs to take accountability of the loss… the offensive play calling, for a majority of the game, had me screaming at the TV, and I have no idea why we accepted the ball to start the game. My team did not come out to play and did not deserve to win.

    However, there is a reason why there is no mercy rule in NCAA Football. Unexpected things (i.e comebacks) happen and the team that deserves to win and/or the better team is not always the one who comes out on top.

    Michigan got their act together and started to get going in the fourth quarter (again). The pass to Hemmingway was a legitimate catch. He made a play on the ball in the air, gained and maintained control of it, got his knee down in bounds, and then landed out of bounds with the rest of his body. The ball DID touch the ground. The rules say, so long as possession is maintained and control of the ball is not lost, the ball CAN touch the ground. This much was said by the commentator on air. Hemmingway did not lose control of the ball, even though it touched the ground, yet it was still ruled an incomplete pass. This is why people are saying it was a bad call. Marcus Hyde admitted he thought it was a catch in the post game interview, as well. You are getting lost in the difference in rules between NCAA and NFL football, my friend (hence your lack of NCAA examples of this situation and reliance on the Calvin Johnson catch).

    What has people just as mad, however, is not the blown TD call, but the lack of a PI call on the final play of the game. The corner made contact with Roundtree in the end-zone before the football passed the line of scrimmage. There are also still pictures out there that show Roundtree in a full bear-hug before the ball even crosses the goal line! Even Speilman (OSU football player announcing the game) said that it was an obvious call, as did Lou Holtz.

    This does not change the fact that we deserved to lose the game. We did NOT lose because of the refs, but key errors by the officials in the final minute of the game deprived Michigan of the CHANCE to tie the game.


    • Bobby Says:

      Also, addressing your criticism of the coaches not running the ball… We had NO timeouts left and only 13 seconds to work with from 1st and goal from the 3.5 yard line (with our starting running back out of the game). How could we run the ball? If we did run the ball, we would either have to spike it (and lose an attempt at the end zone) or waste time lining up. Denard was not running well in that game, either. Very hesitant to the hole and didn’t run with any power.


  4. Terry Foster Says:

    that is not true. there have been plenty of times a receiver has the ball, the ball touches the ground and they wave it off.


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