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Dirty birds suffer from foot in mouth disease

Written By: Terry Foster | November 2, 2011

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Will somebody please place a muzzle on the Atlanta Falcons. I am tired of their talk. Two weeks after the fact, the dirty birds are still talking about Ndamukong Suh and the Detroit Lions.

Enough already.

Now Falcons full back Ovie Mughelli is running his trap, speaking half truths, and spouting second hand conversations as if he were on the field. And the man flat out lied about Suh.

“Don’t get me wrong we were talking right back at the Lions, but to question a guys injury after you’ve nearly ripped his head off is ridiculous,” Mughelli said.

Suh nearly ripped Ryan’s head off?

Ryan’s own offensive lineman stepped on his foot you goof ball. We’ve caught the Dirty Birds in a second lie. The first came when Falcon players said Cliff Avril made a kicking motion at Ryan but nobody else saw it. That included the seven billion cameras trained on the game. But you know what? There will be ignorant people who will believe the dirty birds and start dogging Suh and the Lions again.

How would this guy know what is going on any way? He’s rushed for an amazing one yard this season.

Mughelli is now admitting the Falcons were talking trash also. Initially they tried to make everybody believe it was the Lions talking smack while they acted as choir boys. I got news for the dirty birds. Teams talk trash. Players act big and bad on an NFL field.

Surprise. Surprise.

I am tired of the Falcons. I’d love to send them on  one week cruise through the Florida Everglades. No boat of course.

Have you punched a Falcon today? Why not?

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One Response to “Dirty birds suffer from foot in mouth disease”

  1. Jamie Favreau Says:

    Let us know how you really feel. Did anything come out of the Suu meeting in NYC? I think it is a good thing he is being proactive and shows a lot of leadership from him.


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