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Lions bring tidal wave of fear and joy

Written By: Terry Foster | October 31, 2011

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From the Denver Post

Must we go through this every week with the Lions?

Must we hear panic after every loss and Super Bowl talk after every win? It is amazing how the tidal wave of fear turns into a sea of confidence after every win. A few days ago I heard how the Lions might not win another game following a two-game losing streak. Now after Sunday’s 45-10 victory at Denver against the Broncos, all is well with the world as the Lions motor into the bye week 6-2.

 The one thing we get this week is peace and quiet. The Lions are on the bye week which means next Sunday is going to be pretty boring around here. Does the NFL even continue when the Lions don’t play? I guess we find out Sunday.

However, I love the passion of fans around here. We even saw it during the Matt Millen era. It was very bleak when the Lions lost game after game after game. But after every win people saw signs of rebirth. Of course it never happened. And it wasn’t going to happen as long as Millen was around.

I remember during the Millen era I was having dinner at the Champps in Sterling Heights. This woman was staring at me and I’m thinking “the old man still has it. This woman is giving me the goofy eye.” Well she wasn’t giving me the goofy eye. It was the hate eye. Her boy friend came over and said “that is my girlfriend and she hates you because she thinks you are too rough on the Lions.”

I ended up talking to her and she was convinced the Lions were about to turn things around. Then they went 0-16. She brought up something that a lot of Lion fans tell me. They say if I wrote more positive stories about the team they’d win. That is not true. If the Lions had more talent back then they’d win.

I always thought that argument was childish and foolish but it showed people cared about the team. So no game this week. I get to rest from the usual Lions talk. And I might take the kids to the apple orchard if it is a nice bright Sunday. Hope to see you there. And if you see me, please no Lions talk.

Let’s talk about the weather instead.

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