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How I put up with Mike Valenti. Take a puff my friends

Written By: Terry Foster | October 21, 2011

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After the Lions 25-19 loss a group of guys stopped me while I walked to my car and started a conversation. One guy was a Michigan fan and he went into a drunken tirade about my radio partner Mike Valenti.

“You tell that (bleep) that Jack is sick and tired of his Sparty act. I hate that guy, but I gotta listen. How in the hell do you put up with doing a radio show with him? That bleep pisses me off every day.”

It is the question I get all the time. How do I put up with doing a show with Mike Valenti? I am getting it all the time in the aftermath of Michigan State beating Michigan a fourth straight time and with the William Gholston punching incident where Mike has defended his school and gone right after the Wolverines.

So how do I put up doing a show with Mike? Here is my standard answer.

Medical marijuana.

Everybody gets a kick out of the answer but doing a show with him is like going on a space shuttle ride. You know you are going to have a wild and crazy take off. You know you will feel the G forces in your face and the ride will be a crazy one. You just don’t know if the tiles will be in place when you re enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

Mike hates when uninformed people call in. I love it because it gives hm a chance to pick them apart and make fun of them. Now that’s real radio.

He has mellowed with maturity. He used to be The Sports Inferno. Now he is a simple forest fire.

Some of my detractors believe I let him get away with too much and I am his puppet boy. He thinks I am too mean. But sometimes you got to let a dude roll. Sometimes I want to interrupt but the stuff coming out of his mouth is either so outlandish or funny that I just let the maestro play. I mean did you really want me to stop “The rant” after the Michigan State-Notre Dame game?

Our show got national publicity.

He greets you most days with profanity. He beats up our call screener Josh and pokes management every day. And the dude is a smash on radio. Sometimes I want to sit back and enjoy but as the voice of reason my job is to settle him down at times when he goes off the deep end.

So how do I put up doing a show with Mike?

Medical marijuana.

Anybody want a puff?


8 Responses to “How I put up with Mike Valenti. Take a puff my friends”

  1. Donald Says:

    Mike has always got an opinion… Sometimes you’re the police directing traffic around the carnage as we all slow down a little to take a look.


  2. Spydermike72 Says:

    Hey Terry,

    I have written you a few times on Detnews.com and you have always answered and I respect you.

    The one question I have for you IRT Valenti is this, he says he hates “Uninformed” people calling his show. Just so you both know, the people that do call in do have jobs (for the most part) and cannot spend the time that someone who actually works in the Sports World can to become “informed”

    Isn’t the whole idea of Talk Radio (not just Sports Talk) to allow an outlet for the Fans ?


  3. Rob Donovic Says:

    About the best Blog i’ve ever red, hahah you two truly are the best in the D.
    No other show hosts compare to you clowns, keep up the good work.
    Gooo Lions!


  4. duane jackson Says:



  5. shadyrock Says:

    Wow Mike Valenti looked fat on TV thursday ! Like a Dude Snookie. what a sausage .


  6. A.G. Says:

    Valenti seems to have gone to the GGG school of broadcasting. His angry white guy schtick is really tiring and excessively arrogant.

    Come on 97.1.

    You know you want to.

    You know we want it.

    Stoney and Wojo.

    2 to 6.

    You will be pleasing more than you upset.


  7. Michael Lutz Says:

    haha Velenti is a jokkkkkkkkkkkkee! always wrong on his predictions he is the biggest joke even at his own school I hear so many people say what a fool he is and they wish he went to michigan because he is an embaresment to them


  8. genedemon Says:

    fire Mike Valenti. He brings nothing good to the radio. He is just negativity . All he does is baits listeners to call in and argue against him . He is condescending and arrogant . What he does on the radio, anyone else can do just as easily . When was the last time he had anything positive to say about anything ? When was the last time he started a friendly conversation on the radio ? No, that doesnt get ratings, noone wants to hear niceities anymore . Keep being negative . I hope it puts you in an early grave .


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