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Let’s get Slammin Schwartz and Hammering Harbaugh in steel cage match

Written By: Terry Foster | October 17, 2011

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I do not blame Lions coach Jim Schwartz for going after Jim Harbaugh.

You don’t bounce up on a coach after a tough loss, smack his hand and then bang him in the back like that. It was a rookie mistake by Harbaugh who was so happy to see the San Francisco 49ers pound out a 25-19 victory over the Lions Sunday at Ford Field.

Harbaugh looked like a school boy afterwards. He reminded me of Dick Vitale after a rare Pistons victory when he coached here. You don’t do that to an opposing coach. This game is so emotional that I know for a face The Schwartz was not in the best of moods when walking off the field. He was probably angry and a bunch of plays and situations ran through his head as he ran off the field.

The dude is a competitor and you don’t accept losing well even when you are 5-1 and coaching a good football team.

Some people question the Schwartz fist pump. How is that different? That is easy. Schwartz does the fist pump off his sideines away from the opposing coach. He’s been respectful during the handshake process. This time The Schwartz was not very respectful after Harbaugh’s antics.

I don’t blame him. You don’t act a fool and expect to get away with it. I like that Schwartz went after him. And you know what? I’d go to a pay per view cage match between Harbaugh and Schwartz.

Who you got your money on?


2 Responses to “Let’s get Slammin Schwartz and Hammering Harbaugh in steel cage match”

  1. BIll D Says:

    Harbaugh would have smashed Schwartz and handed him to Suh


  2. Jackie Harrison-Martin Says:

    Scratch the cage. Put them both on the football field where they are most comfortable and let’s see who will be the “first down.” I’m going with Schwartz because he went after HarBUM and the guy ran like a sissy. Plus, Schwartz fights for “The D” so he is backed by Detroiters. No way we will let him fight alone. So, let’s see… the men of Detroit vs the men in San Francisco? Are you not about to die laughing!


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