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Tigers, Wolverines, Spartans and the final dance

Written By: Terry Foster | October 16, 2011

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I am not sure how much Tigers talk we will generate on Monday’s Valenti and Foster Show. I don’t know how angry, sad or glad people will be. I promise not to fall for the trap of trashing the team following Saturday’s 15-5 Game 6 loss that sent the Texas Rangers to the World Series and the Tigers home.

The Tigers gave us a very nice season and at the end were running on fumes, heart and duct tape. The Rangers were the better team and deserved all they got. The Tigers on the other hand gave it all they got. The Rangers every day line up and their bull pen was head and shoulders ahead of the Tigers.

They are also used to winning in the post season after clinching their second consecutive World Series berth.

Human nature causes people to bitch and complain when their favorite team loses. I won’t. I promise

** I was prouder of the Tigers in defeat than Michigan State in victory. Michigan State was the better team during its 28-14 victory over Michigan. The Spartans are bigger, faster, more talented and are no body’s little brother after a fourth straight victory.

But they sure play dumb and dirty at times. I understand it is a rivalry game and you want to stomp the Wolverines into the turf. I have no problem with that. But there were too many punches, neck twists, taunts, and illegal body smashes. I wasn’t sure if I were watching Big Ten football or Big Time wrestling.

** Yes, Denard Robinson was terrible against the Spartans. But coach Brady Hoke and his coaching staff did not do their players any favors with some of their bone-headed decisions. You do play action on fourth and inches? You get the ball in the final minutes with a chance to tie and you pass into the teeth of a blitz with a quarterback that could not pass to save his life?

It is not fashionable to criticize Hoke because he is Michigan’s new hotness.  I will simply say Hoke-a-mania has had better days.

** This time I did not get robbed. I did not win Dancing with our Local Stars Saturday night at the Townsend Hotel and I did not deserve to win. My opponents were better and I was off my game. I felt fine until the end where I made a mistake that proved costly. I wanted to kick myself.

The funny thing is I did not want to win for myself on Saturday. I wanted to win for my dance instructor Melissa Rollins who is trying to climb up the ladder with more established dance instructors. She is an amazing teacher and I feel that I failed her.

In my heart of hearts I deserved second or third in the first event.  I got robbed in that event. In this one I got what I deserved.

I am now officially retired.

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