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I lost my best friend — my cell phone

Written By: Terry Foster | October 13, 2011

Filed Under: Life

What is the most important thing in life after religion, family and health?

It’s your cell phone of course. I know that because I lost mine either Tuesday night after Game 3 of the Tigers game or Wednesday morning. I think it is in the house. But it could also be in a downtown parking lot. I really don’t know. But what I do know is the cell phone cripples your life.

I have 400 contacts and I only know five numbers by heart. Friends both near and dear and on the fringe are gone. I do not know any body’s phone number because you program them into this computer/text machine/phone and slash life support system.

Now I see why people clutch cell phones as if life depends on it. In a way it does. In a cell phone we carry around our inner circle, work, schedules and everything else. These things contain our lives in them. And when we lose them there is a big hole.

The office at the radio station and newspaper could not get ahold of me. And I could not contact them unless I bummed a phone off people. And people look at you cross eyed when you ask to borrow their cell phone. They look at you as if to say “I know you don’t want my life support system.”

Our lives are about texting and talking. The next time you walk into a restaurant notice how many people are head down pecking out text. Much of my entertainment on trips is syncing calls in my car and running errands. Now I feel lost. I have no one to talk to.

But I knew this was going to happen. My life has been a whirlwind the past three weeks and I dive in the bed at night now. My typical day has been rehearsing with my dance partner for Dancing with Our Local Stars (can’t get hold of her by the way), grabbing lunch, do radio, dash to a Tigers or Lions game gettting home around 1 in the morning and start the process all over by getting up about 6:45 to help get Celine and Little B ready for school.

The tough part is after Tiger games I am tired but can’t go to sleep. So I’ve been off and I knew something major was going to happen. I probably had a momentary lapse and dropped my phone somewhere and now I am like a satellite floating around with no friends and no companion.

I don’t even have time to get a new phone until Friday morning or evening. And that normally $99 phone after rebates is going to cost me $1.2 million because my two year contract is not up.

 So if you are a friend, you won’t be hearing from me for a while. I am missing in action until further notice.


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5 Responses to “I lost my best friend — my cell phone”

  1. Nick Says:

    T, I thought you had an iPhone.. if you plugged it in with itunes at any point in the recent past you’ll have a backup of your contacts/pics/texts/etc.. Just plug the new one in and it’ll ask to restore from a backup.

    You’ll have to pay some loot of course. but if it’s another iphone ask the sales guy to help you setup “find my iphone” free location service that’ll help you find it incase it happens again.


  2. Beermaker Says:

    I feel for you. I recently broke my phone. In some ways it was even worse. After taking out a small mortgage to fund the replacement phone, I realized that none of the contacts would transfer over. They had saved locally to the phone. There they sat, mocking me and my new phone – unable to be retrieved (Droids with damaged display screens aren’t really all that useful).

    Hope someone finds and returns your phone for you.


  3. andy Says:

    Number one terry, you need to make sure your contacts are backed up online. Number two you need to learn the man pat. Every time you get up or change areas, its a discreet three pat system. Ass, side, front pocket. This covers the wallet keys and cell phone, and is the reason I Never have lost any of those 3 vital items.


  4. mss.malik Says:

    I need my best friend number
    I want my best friend number


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