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Racism comes in all colors

Written By: Terry Foster | October 10, 2011

Filed Under: Opinion

Ugly comes in all colors. It comes in black and white, red and green, pink and purple.

I got called a nigger, coon and shuffling black bastard all in the same day. It happened in the same hour as a matter of fact. It would have bothered me a few years ago. Now I am used to it.

So what mean and nasty thing did I do? I train with a white woman. And I dance with a white woman and obviously some people have a problem with it.

The first message came from a black trainer in Detroit who claims he works at Power House gym. He is angry that I train with Melissa Borden who has a gym in Dearborn. You should have heard his voice. He was so angry he could barely speak. But he called me a sell out. He said women don’t know how to train a man and that I was “better off fat than thinner.” He said at least when I was fat and out of shape I had some integrity.

This is not the first time I’ve heard this. I’ve now been contacted by five black trainers who are angry with my choice of trainers. The funny thing is nobody came to my aid when I really needed them. I had back problems and posted it on facebook. I even missed a radio show because the pain was so severe. Melissa volunteered to help. She has some technique to ease the pain. It worked. She helped. She became my girl after that.

When she found out I had diabetes she volunteered to help again and is a major reason why my blood sugar levels have remained below diabetic levels for nearly three years. So what was I supposed to do? Say thanks for all your help Mel. Now I am going to finish it off with a black trainer.

The other Melissa is Melissa Rollins, one of the best dance instructors in Detroit. She was paired with me in Dancing with our Local Stars. This white guy who calls me from time to time was livid. He called me every racist name in the book, many dating back to slavery days.

He also called Melissa a nigger lover and blasted both of us. He said this is one reason why the country is going down. Black males and white females. It is not natural and we should both die a slow death because of it. He too was angry and his voice kept rising until the tape on my answering service with The Detroit News ran out.

It comes with the territory. We talk about how every thing is good in this country. But I get called a nigger once a month. It is almost like a woman’s period. You know it is coming. You just don’t know when.

And then I have to hear from some folks in Detroit who say I am not black enough for them. I don’t live in Detroit. Everybody in my inner circle is not black and I even got blasted by this black dude who said I make too much money and I do not donate to inner city causes.

I asked him how he knows that. His reply. “I just know and no matter what you tell me I know you are lying.”


Stupid comes in all colors and it also comes with the territory if you are in my business.

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15 Responses to “Racism comes in all colors”

  1. Ryan Says:

    As a white man I have to say I am sorry you have to deal with any of that. I can’t imagine what that must be like. Just know there are some of us that don’t see color or hope and try our best not to see color. I hope to teach my children to be that way as well. Like you said, “stupid comes in all colors” and there is no fix for that stupidity and ignorance.

    Boombaye TFoss, keep on keeping Valenti in check. Love the show.



  2. Denise Malow Says:

    Terry so sorry to hear this. Keep on keeping on.
    You are healthy happy and a good person. You diont
    need to answer to anyone but yourself and your maker.
    Ignore these ignorant imbeciles, it’s hard and it hurts
    but you are in the right. Love you and your
    show, you are a class act!!! Denise


  3. JetSet208 Says:

    Wow! That is so typical. As a younger black male from the suburbs I can relate to the second half of your story. It’s almost a lose lose. If you have any success or talk a certain way you’re white and if you date white or have white friends white parents forbid you. It’s so
    Something that will never end.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      I know a lot of black people are called sell outs or trying to be white because you try to better yourself or associate with all people. It is sad but nothing will change.
      – T Foster


      • gerald Says:

        Terry I’ve been listening to you for over ten years and I like your opinions most times, but that radio station you work at WDFN 97.1 has gotten so political I can’t hardly listen to it anymore! I like variety but I don’t listen to sports talk to hear anyones personal political views, enough already, from Matt Dery constantly on his pro republican rants to Gator telling everybody who he voted for is ridiculous! If your going to talk politics, why not talk religion also?? c’mon! those are two subjects that’s sports talk shouldn’t get the audience involved in. I never remember hearing WDFN talk politics till Obama got in office, we get it! the guys you work with are probably all republicans, but lets not go overboard over the air, if WDFN wants to talk politics why not get a radio show and talk politics!!


        • Terry Foster Says:

          We are a sports station but we are also told to talk about what is hot in life. Sometimes it is politics. Sometimes it is sports. We talk about a variety of things and that is what makes our station successful. You said WDFN did not talk politics until Obama. That simply is not true. their morning show talked politics. Gregg Henson talked politics. We all have talked politics and we have talked religion when there is a good topic. I know some complain when we go non sports but that variety of talk is what keeps us on the air.


          • knight4444 Says:

            First off, thank you for taking time to address my point and I stand corrected, Gregg Henson did talk about politics also. Anyway you and Valenti are the main reason I listen at all. My brother, we gotta meet up one day and break bread, ON ME! lol, you take care and God bless

          • Terry Foster Says:

            Break bread? On you? Hiii ohhhhhhhhhhh. Sure my friend.

  4. DP Says:


    I try to listen to you and Mike everyday. I have grown very fond of your show, but even more so your personalities and who you are as people. It breaks my heart that people not only treat you, but others this way. I know you know, but as a white male, I want it to be known that we do not all feel the same way. You are great man and do great things for the city and state in which you live. Keep it up and thank you


  5. Doreen Says:

    This is just disgusting. Those are the people we are ashamed of! They should be disgusted with themselves and their tiny little minds. I’m glad for your success in your weight and health goals and bless Melissa for helping you with that. Keep up the good work!


  6. Keith Says:

    I am not surprised by any of that. I am married to a white woman and when originally started dating I was asked by some black women why her? My response was always when I was down she had my back. She volunteered her time and her resources to make sure I was better off. That is a problem with people and more so in the black community. We have to stop blaming others and being mad at others for our shortcomings as a people and begin to look at ourselves and what we are doing wrong. Focusing not only on our problems, but coming up with and carrying out effective solutions to those problems.


  7. Bruce Says:

    It’s sad to hear these types of bigoted remarks in this day and age, but as you said it’s not surprising either. I am a white male, and I work for a small private company in Southfield, all of my co-workers are similarly white, college educated, well respected, and loving family people.
    Occasionally they make racist comments or remarks which I find to be very distasteful and bothersome, and these are not the blatant, scathing remarks you mentioned in your article, but rather the soft spoken little jabs that are said with a smirk, and a shared giggle.
    I have let them know I don’t agree with their thoughts, and they all know how I feel about such things, usually one of these remarks are followed by a glance or look in my direction, but wanting to keep my job I don’t get too vocal so sometimes I simply get up and walk away.
    Sometimes I can be sitting at a bar, and a complete stranger (Also white) will say something racist to me which is equally distributing, and I wonder at their brashness,I mean does this person assume I agree with his comment simply because we are both white? I guess it is because too many people still harbor such thoughts and ideas.
    I have two children, and I had hoped the world would be a better place for them when they got older, and I continue to hope it will, but we still have such a long way to go.


  8. Cindy Says:

    God. This just makes me sick to my stomach. Where does such hate come from? It’s disgusting. We don’t want to believe racist comments are thrown around like this nowadays. Thank you for opening my eyes. I am embarrassed by my home state.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      Cindy, This is not just about your home state. This is nationwide. I am sure I would have the same problems no matter. I like all people and that is a no no with some people

      – T Foster



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