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My favorite downtown hangouts for sporting events

Written By: Terry Foster | October 4, 2011

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Lions and Tiger fans will have a great time the next week. There are Tiger games at Comerica Park and the big Monday Night Football game with the Lions next Monday at Ford Field. Many will come downtown to attend the games. Thousands more will come downtown and not go to the game. Instead they will opt to watch games at establishments downtown.

Here are my favorite spots to watch Lions and Tiger games. Who knows. You might bump into me.

HARRY’S DETROIT: I love this place. The food is a step above bar quality. There is an outdoor deck on the second level and the downstairs gets jammed. For big events Harry opens the parking lot. Try the burgers and there is also a nice salmon for those trying to watch their figures.

BOOKIES:  Sometimes Bookies is out of my league. That is when the young kids show up and want to dance their butts off. Usually they are upstairs on the deck so I stay down below for a nice beer selection and their chicken salad sandwich.

THE WELL:  Nice looking women, which is important. And it has a strange but inviting deck sort of in front. It is heated so you can hang out there most of the year. It is just a friendly place with down home people.

NEMOS: Some of the best burgers around. But remember to go to the back to get them. This is a very simple, old school bar that lacks frills. But it remains one of the best places to go. It is near Tiger Stadium so you can play a quick game on the old field before enjoying a brew.

CHELIS CHILI BAR: The place is huge. Some folks struggle to get to the third level outdoor deck but it is worth the climb especially during fire works. Try the chili loaded. And don’t be surprised if the guy drinking next to you is Chris Chelios, Kid Rock or some old time Red Wing.

DETROIT BREW COMPANY: If you don’t want every day and boring beer this is the place to go. They have a wide variety of brewed beer right on site. I have a craving for their onion rings but I had better let those go for now.

COACHES CORNER:  This is another good place to hang although the service is spotty. I’ve walked out twice without being served. The wait staff is cool when you get their attention and I enjoy the food and the location in Harmony Park.

THE DETROITER BAR: It has a great burger that is juicy and full of flavor. This is my kind of spot because it is dirty and dingy and I created controversy by going into the women’s bath room when it was empty rather than wait for a long line in front of the men’s room.

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