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This dancer was no star in the judges’ eyes

Written By: Terry Foster | October 1, 2011

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I know this isn’t the way to feel. But I was stunned, embarrassed and a little bit pissed off that I did not at least place in the top three during Dancing with the Local Stars Friday night. I really believed Melissa and I had a top three performance. To be honest I thought the competition came down to me and Amy Lange of Fox 2 and Mrs. Michigan Annette Kelly. They placed in the top two but I was beat out by Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith.

The judges saw it differently than I did and you must respect the views of the judges because they know more about dancing than I do. But there was a small consolation. I was the people’s choice and that makes you feel good. That is better than getting a trophy and doing a victory lap.

I know I will be made fun of by people who were not there and they will say I cannot dance and I was a total embarrassment. But I really felt good about what we did.

After our performance we got a very loud cheer and a number of the competitors said: “congratulations. You won this.” One woman who has danced for years told me: “I’d be stunned if you didn’t win this. You guys were great. You were a crowd favorite.”

Person after person told me this. After 30 minutes I thought I was actually going to win. And when Lange got second place I stood before the crowd thinking: Holy shit. I pulled this off.”

I heard people scream my name and boombaye in anticipation of me winning. I finally started to believe. But my name was not called. I can’t even tell you whose name was called because I was in shock. I looked over at my wife Abs and she gave me this “WTF” look. I simply shrugged.

Now I know what the American figure skater feels like after getting low scores from the Bulgarian judge. All you can do is smile and ask why.

I wanted to win for there reasons.

1. I am a competitor. Once I was in it. I was in it to win it.

2. I knew winning would help Melissa who is a great dance teacher that more people need to know about.

3. I wanted to celebrate with my kids Celine and Brandon. They were my worst critics and thought my performance was going to be a disaster. But afterwards Celine smiled and gave me a thumbs up. That meant something there.

Any way I am not done dancing. There is Oct. 15 at the Townsend Hotel. I get one more chance. Hopefully the Bulgarian judge will stay home.

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