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Why the Tigers will beat the New York Yankees

Written By: Terry Foster | September 30, 2011

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Here is why the Tigers will beat the New York Yankees in the first round of the American League playoffs.

** Justin Verlander can pitch two times in five games. That means 40 percent of the series will be pitched by the best pitcher in baseball.

** Doug Fister will pitch Game 2. That means 60 percent of Tiger games will be started by the best one-two punch in the American League.

** Manager Jim Leyland won’t be resting players.

** Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is no longer on the juice. You don’t hear anybody talking about him breaking Barry Bonds’ all-time home run record any more.

** Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez and Jhonny Peralta is a modern murders row that can dominate and intimidate.

** You don’t have to start Phil Coke  or Brad Penny every fifth day.

** Alex Avila stud. Russell Martin is not.

** Even Peralta has better range than Derek Jeter.

** Mariano Rivera won’t be of use when the Yankees are down two runs entering the ninth.

** I will be dancing with the local stars for parts of Game 1. The Tigers never lose when I dance.

** The Tigers were competitive with the Yankees before becoming the stud Tigers with Delmon Young, Wilson Betemit and Fister. And they are 16-7 against the remaining AL playoff teams.

** President Obama introduced a baseball stimulous package for Detroit to guarantee more playoff games.

** There are no longer bad vibes floating from Ford Field next door. The Lions and Tigers are on a roll and should keep on rolling.

** I say Tigers in five. And we all know I am never, ever wrong.

** Even God hates the Yankees.

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5 Responses to “Why the Tigers will beat the New York Yankees”

  1. Michael Erickson Says:


    Nice blog as usual.. I myself am calling a sweep of the series ! Yup, a sweep…Why ? Because we have the best pitching staff in the game In my opinion along with a bullpen to be reckoned with ! Plus our bats are hot and we are playing our best baseball at the right time ! So, yes I’m sipping on the Kool-aid so to speak and this time the tigers win the World Series and shock the baseball world. Have a great Friday and weekend and Boom BI Aye to ya ! Later on,

    Mike Erickson


  2. Miguel Says:

    Phillies have the best pitching. I am a big tigers fan but fans who say the Tigers have the best pitching are fans who don’t follow the NL.


  3. Eva Says:

    This is the first blog I’ve read from you and definitely worth wanting more. From one Tiger fan to another, I agree with 100% of what you wrote, especially #6 (what a blessing that is!) and of course, 2nd from last…as we do know that yes, Terry, you are NEVER wrong!!!


    • Alisa Says:

      Ok hurricane im a baelbasl player and in the show is like the real life u need to be patient at the dish dont focus on fastball take 1 or 2 pitches learn how to swing to change up and the slider forgot the cutter is like a fastball too when u be able to timing those pitches u gotta be succesfull play a couple of games without guessing pitches focus on change up sinkers curve ball and so important focus on location dont swong to pitches out of the plate cause the? CPU recognize ur not patient.


  4. BID316 Says:

    Well, Terry,

    I certainly hope that you’re correct. The Tigers Achilles’ has been a lack of patience at the plate. They do seem to have it conquered for the most part this season. Any anxiety from playing post-season ball could cause a recurrence and an end to the Tigers’ season.

    I also have concerns that Verlander may be tiring and could be “had” by a patient, professional and experienced team. I hafta hope that the Yankees don’t realize that this may be a possibility.

    Lastly, the grand stage of playoff night games in New York may intimidate… The umpires!! Maybe JV and Fister and the rest of the Tigers don’t get the calls as deserved.

    On paper, it looks like “it’ll be easy.” I’m not talking about one championship. Not two. Not three…!

    You even left out that Scherzer and Porcello WON’T be pitching in the smaller stadium. Either of these guys CAN win you a post-season game in Comerica Park.

    I don’t worry about the 2006 World Series fielding bugaboos. My concern is the odd, unforeseen, uncontrollable events (similar to the 2006 fielding) which knocked Boston out of post-season contention and put Tampa Bay in. This sort of thing is the Yankees best hope for beating the Tigers. Luck!!



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