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Ready to put on my dancing shoes

Written By: Terry Foster | September 29, 2011

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I am so ready for this.

I am ready to tear up the dance floor Friday during The Dancing with the Local Stars event at the San Marino Club. I did my first public dance Wednesday night at the Amber House in Warren and it went well. It was great to play off the crowd and feel the vibe of the crowd. My dance partner Melissa Rollins has done a great job. There were no flaws which was amazing.

I cannot wait to get on the big stage Friday before 900 people who hopefully will cheer and not jeer. I plan on a great performance. Mentally that is what I am thinking and Wednesday night really helped. I knew I’d become lethargic in practices. I knew the routine too well and I did not give as much energy. I needed a crowd.

We have a couple of complicated parts of the dance and it was good to hear the crowd response when we got to do. The people there were also very nice and gave solid advice afterwards. They are all dancers. Some are learning to dance. Others are competing in dance competitions.

One guy said to play to the crowd and smile. I did.

One woman said to “shake that booty.” I told her I will dedicate the first booty shake to her.

I want to prove to my kids that I can do this. Celine and Brandon shake their heads every time I mention the dance. They won’t even read the column that is in today’s Detroit News. They do not believe and they think I will be the second coming of Master P. I won’t be that.

I am energized and excited and I cannot wait to hit the stage Friday. If nothing else maybe I can prove to my kids that I am not a total goof.



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One Response to “Ready to put on my dancing shoes”

  1. Paul Savich Says:

    Knock ‘em dead tomorrow! Good luck to my fellow Chip, Fire Up!


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