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The nervous Tigers fan

Written By: Terry Foster | September 27, 2011

Filed Under: sports, Tigers

Sometimes I enjoy studying people. I was watching the final inning of the Tigers 14-0 victory Monday night over the Cleveland Indians and there was a lone woman who studied the game as if she were manager Jim Leyland.

It was obvious that the Tigers were going to win the game after breaking loose for eight runs in the eighth inning. But this woman seemed nervous. You’d have thought it was a 2-1 game with two outs and the bases loaded.

What was going through her mind? And why was she so nervous? She was not an attractive woman and my guess is Tigers baseball is all she had. She dressed in a large Miguel Cabrera T-shirt, had on sweat pants and some funky looking shoes. And I think she had a mustache. 

The Tigers seemed to be her life and she was a fan that lived and died on every pitch, even if the pitches didn’t mean much. When the final out was recorded she breathed a sigh of relief and clapped for the American League Central Division champions.

Most people were downing their final beers before the final out and were already talking about victory. She was nervous to the last pitch.

Are you like this as a fan? Is it never over til its over?


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One Response to “The nervous Tigers fan”

  1. Dave Jakes Says:

    Maybe she had Tigers -13?


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