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Cheese whiz on nachos could ax Louie’s

Written By: Terry Foster | September 25, 2011

Filed Under: Opinion

If I get bad service or bad food I place a restaurant on my banned list. I never go there again.

Hogans in Birmingham is on my banned list because they served me chicken with gravy and said it was chicken marsala and would only give me a second entree if I paid for it. Jim Brady’s on Southfield is on my banned list because I ordered a steak medium well and it came medium rare. I asked for it to be cooked more and they stuck it in the microwave.


Now Bar Louie’s might be next after the cheese whiz incident. But I might give it a second chance because I made a critical mistake. Here is the story. You let me know if I should ban the place.

I was in a bad mood Saturday after Central Michigan laid an egg to Michigan State in a lopsided game in East Lansing. I went to Louie’s for a beer and to watch the Tigers and college football. I ordered chicken nachos. Here is my mistake. I alway ask if nachos are made with cheese whiz or melted cheese. I did not this time because my mind was elsewhere.

And I didn’t notice the cheese whiz until after taking a few bites. When I got that cheese whiz taste I was immediately turned off. The whiz wasn’t even warm.

Gross. Who the heck puts cheese whiz on nachos and charges $11 for it?

I told the bartender the story and said the food was not good. His response was the queso cheese was home made and they do a great job of making it every day. First of all how is something home made when it is made in a restaurant? And I just did not buy that story. I am convinced it was from a can because it tasted bad.

So I am thinking I did not like his explanation. I did not like the food. Should I ban this place?

I love natchos but do not eat them often because of my lifestyle change. So when I get something I don’t eat often I am upset when I waste calories. It is a wasted meal that I need to work off in the gym.

So what do you think? Do I ban Louie’s or give it a second chance?

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31 Responses to “Cheese whiz on nachos could ax Louie’s”

  1. greg Says:

    You should not go there again the bartender was trying to pull a fast one!


  2. Mike Says:

    How does a “writer” keep spelling nachos wrong?


  3. Brandon Says:

    Ban them for lying to you Terry. I’m also throwing a yellow flag on you, a professional writer, for using a “t” in nachos:)


  4. Lenny Weber Says:

    The 1st clue should’ve been the menu said natchos instead of nachos. That’s a sure sign of inferiority,like catsup or cheez. There are plenty of restaurants to go around, I say ban them unless the waitstaff is super hot in that case give them a break.


  5. Rich Says:

    Nachos. Not natchos.

    And no, don’t ban them over this one. That’s a bit harsh in this case.
    I’ve had their nachos and I thought they were great. Maybe the one you went to used Cheez Wiz? Who knows. Maybe you just didn’t like the taste of their “inhouse” made queso.
    Give them a 2nd chance just to be sure.

    We go to the Bar Louie in Auburn Hills quite often and have never been let down. Give it a try!


  6. Andrew Calvetti Says:


    I listen to your show on the radio daily, and this is an all time low for you. As a former bartender, I have a lot of respect for the food industry and a lack of understanding from patrons who go out to eat that think they should be fed grapes by hand and fawned upon as if they were the Pharaoh of dining out!

    First of all, homemade is another way to describe anything that is simply made from scratch. It is not out of a can or bottle. Secondly, placing meat into a microwave is a common mistake that MANY restaurants do to bring up the temperature of undercooked meat. I don’t want to excuse this behavior, but in a situation where the restaurant is VERY busy and you’re one of 200 customers – maybe you should take the situation into account before you simply judge a place for one common mistake. Also, from looking at your picture, I find it difficult to believe the cheese wasn’t warm – as it was melting all around the nachos.

    You ordered what was on the menu, and you’re constantly wanting the restaurant to pay for what you ordered because you didn’t like it. You have a good job! You make decent money! Maybe you should take some time and look at yourself and just own the fact that you messed up and ordered something you didn’t like, and don’t order the same thing again the next time you visit that establishment.

    But you asked for advice, and here is mine. Go ahead, put Bar Louis on your “Banned List”. Everyone in the restaurant would be happier if you just stayed at home and made your own nachos. Invite your buddy Mike over and he’ll be happy to give you his opinion on the way you make your nachos… (Just don’t ask him to pay for them!)


    • Terry Foster Says:

      When we go out we pay big money for food. The guy assured me these nachos would be great. He bragged about them. I was disappointed. I’ve talked to managers and they say they will not allow patrons to leave unhappy. They want return business. If I get good service and good food I am a very loyal customer. If I get bad service and bad food why should I return?
      I didn’t even want my money back. I wanted a better explanation. Please read my blog about my experience at O’Toole’s. The woman handled it a lot better. I promise to return.


  7. tommyz Says:

    I think you should give the place a second chance as you were the one who did not ask.Also T, you should always speak to a manager.You know that. Also remember not all bar louies are the same..I dont like the one in Livonia, but the one in Auburn hills I really like..


  8. Kenny Wood Says:

    Well…I’m not sure if you should ban them or not, but I am wondering if “natcho” really does include a “t”. I’ve never seen it that way before. Just sayin’.


  9. Steve Says:

    Drop ‘em. Whether you asked about cheese whiz or not, serving up cold food an then disputing a customer’s complaint are both unacceptable.


    • Geoff Says:

      I agree, drop them. Not knowing it was cheese whiz/queso is your own fault, but cold cheese is their fault. If they can’t even give you hot cheese how can you expect them to cook chicken or a burger the way that you want it?


  10. Jonny Says:

    I don’t think Steve read the right article. They didn’t serve him cold food but served him cheese sauce when he wanted real cheese.

    I understand the feeling T Fos. I always ask the same question when ordering nachos. You should give them another chance because you didn’t initially ask. How are they to know you like real shredded melted cheese over something that should only be put on a philly cheesesteak.


  11. George Says:

    Ban the dish, not Louie’s….there are other food options available and their beer selection is one of the best for a chain. It sounds to me that the bartender was FOS, tho.


  12. Wayne Says:

    A few questions first.
    After speaking with your server, did the server have the manager come over or did you speak with the manager at all. A good establishment will address any concerns in order to improve upon their service and quality.

    Did you eat the rest of the Nacho’s or decide to order something else. That usually flags the manager immediately. Otherwise the server may just think your trying to get a freebie or discount if you complain then eat it all.

    If it had been a good server he/she would have addressed the issue imediately. That’s poor service. I rate my tip on how well I’m served. After all the server is not the cook and vive versa. So I cant blame them for the quality, but I can for how well the deal with an issue and how well they serve. Which in this situation the server put no effort into correcting the issue other then a lame excuse.

    I’d give it another shot and if the food is just as bad, ask to speak to the manager if the server doesn’t get him/her. They can’t improve if they don’t know whats wrong.

    If there is no progress beyond that, then yes add them to the band list.

    I have a few rules that I follow simply because I’ve worked both sides of the kitchen and have seen how a pissy wait staff can create a dangerous environment in the kitchen. I rarely accept anything that has to go back to the kitchen especially if it’s an establishment I’ve never been too before. If it’s not made right the first time I don’t want it and I won’t re-order. However if it’s an establishment I have a good repore with I’m usually leiniant because I will know they Manager and usually the Server.

    My wife hates when I do this because then she feels bad because her meal came right and I’m left with nothing. That kills the whole evening. I’ve seen in some establishments what staff will do as retribution. These are defiantely banned on strike one. Again this situstion is cause 80% of the time by poor wait staff. The other 20% I chalk up to the server having a bad day. They have them too.


  13. Brandon Says:

    If they did use cheese whiz on your nachos* it would cost way more than using cheese sauce. The amount of cheese whiz it would take to cover nachos would far supersede the cost of a whole can of nacho cheese sauce. That being said, Louies is over priced and sub quality food anyway. I’d ban them.


  14. Corri Says:

    Give them another shot. I usually love their food and have had their wheel before and it’s not just the usual run of the mill cheese whiz. If they disappoint next time too then drop em.


  15. Jon Says:

    Why drop a noted burger place for something off of the appetizer menu? Plus, there are some pretty sweet ones like in Ann Arbor and Novi.


  16. Chris Says:


    Tommy is right. They are franchised believe it or not. I have a friend that worked at the one at Partridge Creek and their quaso is amazing. It’s real, not cheez whiz. That one you went to was probably trying to be a cheap ass.


  17. Ralph Says:

    To me the bigger issue is the bartender’s cover up. That’s an insult not only on your palette but also your intellect. Ban their asses!


  18. Carm Says:

    Ban it T! I’ve too have had that there and it wasn’t good!


  19. MJ Says:

    Terry, I worked at Bar Louie in Flint for 3 years, the Queso is home made. They make a lot of of the items on the menu homemade. The Chicken Nachos are my favorite there, knock off the guac, and sour cream. Topped with fresh Jalapenos, and the home mde deep fried chips, can’t beat em. Maybe they neglected to stir it and keep it up to a quality tempature at that time, but I would bet they sat back there in the kitchen for awhile, cuz the service at all Bar Louies has gotten slightly worse, but you deff need to go back and try em again.


  20. Mike Says:

    Terry my man you got to give them a second chance they have some good food. But I agree about the cheese whiz. Who uses that stuff in a resturant.


  21. Joe C-Z Says:

    The blame should be with the server who disregarded your complaint, and giving you some bs about homemade cheese-whiz. Jon makes a good point, don’t drop them because one of their appetizers. Talk to the manager about your server next time you go in.



  22. Pugs Says:

    Ban em. I hate chain restaurants and/or bars. This type of stuff is all too common from places like that.


  23. Brad Says:

    You spelled nachos wrong in your blog.


  24. AC Says:

    Don’t drop them just don’t bother with the nacho next time.


  25. Andrew Says:

    What – did my response get deleted?


  26. Mark Says:

    Those are nachos anyways….the picture is a picture of cheese fries.


  27. Joe Says:

    Ban ‘em T. You were not satisfied, they made excuses instead of fixing the problem.


  28. SteveO Says:

    Bar Louie’s is so over-rated it’s not funny. I can make better martinis at home for about a tenth of the price.


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