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Bad boy in a wheel chair

Written By: Terry Foster | September 23, 2011

Filed Under: sports

I don’t know what happened, but the Bad Boy came out in me Thursday night. That’s when I flattened a wheelchair basketball player during the DMC charity wheelchair game hosted by Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Did I apologize and feel badly about it? Nope. I smiled.

It wasn’t the most professional thing to do but I was in a mischievous mood. This young kid with lightening quick wheel skills was trying to drive the paint and I remembered the words of former Bad Boy Piston Rick Mahorn.

“Nobody drives the lane unpunished.”

So I nudged my wheelchair to the side, caught the tail end of his wheel to stop him and my man went sprawling.

Opps. My bad.

But it is actually OK. The DMC team we played with is very good. It finished second in the wheelchair nationals two years ago and players are still mad about it because they felt they should have won. Wheel chair basketball is no fluff sports. Players send guys sprawling all the time. They don’t care if their opposition doesn’t have legs or can’t walk. It is war out there.

So I did as the Romans did. They were knocking the snot out of each other I was going to do the same thing when I got a chance.

The best thing is our team won by a bucket. I scored two points, got jobbed out of two others and money was raised for a good cause.

But I learned a lesson. People in all sports are competitive and they all play to win. Nobody scolded me for knocking the wheelchair guy down. They all said good job. Now lets get some more.



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