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The fall does not chase me indoors

Written By: Terry Foster | September 21, 2011

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Tuesday was a perfect day.

Clear blue skies. Nice temperature and no wind. That is why I ignored my craving for Asian food and ate outdoors for lunch at Bravo’s in Livonia. And here is what I don’t understand. Why was I the only person to do so? Everybody else ate indoors.

I love eating outdoors but everything has to be perfect. It cannot be too hot. It cannot be too cold. It cannot be too wet and the bugs must leave me in peace. All of those factors fell into play and I really enjoyed my grill salmon. I know I won’t be outdoors today because thunder storms are headed our way.

I spoke to my waiter several times and he said he was stunned that more people were not outside. But I have a theory. Some people refuse to come outside after Labor Day. It does not matter how nice the day is. My wife Abs is one of those people. It could be 80 degrees in October but she claims there is a chill in the air and she won’t eat or hang out outside unless she is watching our kids play weekend soccer.

Labor Day is this magical day. We stop wearing white shoes. We close the pools. We don’t go up north any more. We begin to turn into turtles and we retreat into our shells. But why? If it is a nice day does it really matter if it is June or October?

It doesn’t to me. I know the weather is about to turn. And I am going to savor every moment outdoors until old man winter chases me back inside. Even then I am still grilling on the Weber.



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One Response to “The fall does not chase me indoors”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hi T,
    I don’t really care to eat outside often. It seems that at many of the places I’ve tried in the last year, the service outside is tons worse than the service inside – fewer servers, and the ones there are less attentive. The only exception (for me) has been Casey’s in Walled Lake.



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