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Here’s to lobster tails and fun tailgates

Written By: Terry Foster | September 19, 2011

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My friends Sir Richard and JB moved their tailgate from close the Eastern Market to a parking lot near Comerica Park. They invited me to stop by for a bite to eat before covering the Lions 48-3 demolition of the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday at Ford Field.

It was the best decision of the week for me. It is always good to see the couple and I got to meet some local auto execs and their usual band of brothers from the Eastern suburbs. But the menu was unexpected. My choice of main entree was lobster tails or juicy steaks. Now that is a heck of a choice.

I could not decide, but eventually went with the lobster tail because I had not enjoyed one in so long. It was delicious.

I do not get to tailgate much. I am usually rushing into games just trying to make kickoff. I sometimes walk by tailgates and people offer food but I feel guilty accepting food from strangers. They work hard for their tailgate and I do not want to impose. I would love to host a tailgate someday but I am usually covering games for the newspaper and do not have time.

I got an email from a guy who told me that people who spend all this time preparing for meals and cooking outside for football games are losers. This guy just doesn’t get it. The tailgate is one of America’s greatest social events and I envy those who get to do it six or seven weekends a year either at a college of pro game. Trust me I would love to be out there with you.

There is a strong chance I will get to attend the Michigan State-Central Michigan game at Spartan Stadium with my son Little B and it would be great to chill out in a parking lot and eat sandwiches and share some moments together before the game. We probably won’t cook. Maybe we will grab some sandwiches and chips and just chill out around the car.

We don’t need lobster tail. Subway will be good enough for us. It is the experience that counts.


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