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My lonely stalker

Written By: Terry Foster | September 17, 2011

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Once upon a time I had a stalker. She was a woman who lived on the west side of Detroit and for whatever odd reasons she believed that I was sending her messages of love to her in my sports stories in The Detroit News.

She’d write long rambling letters pulling quotes from my stories thanking me for thinking of her. It was innocent at first but then she began calling the sports department trying to get my home address and phone number. She used a variety of tricks but thankfully nobody gave her the information.

She began looking at date lines. If my story said I was East Lansing she’d travel up there looking for me. She made a trip to Ann Arbor after reading a column of mine about the University of Michigan. I knew she was there because she sent voice mails on my Detroit News phone saying she was looking for me.

This continued for months. It was suggested that I call the police but I did not want this woman arrested or threatened. I just figured she was some lonely woman who didn’t have much going on in life. I never met her or talked to her but I felt sorry for her. I mean who writes 10 handwritten letters on the front and back?

Finally, I talked to former Pistons point guard Isiah Thomas whose had the same problem. He gave me the name of a private detective who ended things. He went to her house and gave her a note that said if she did not stop legal actions would be taken against her.

The letters and phone calls stopped.

I wonder what happened to this woman. Is she still alone? Is she still even alive? And I wonder what messages of love she was finding in a Michigan-Wisconsin game story.


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