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The lost keys

Written By: Terry Foster | September 16, 2011

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My life is haunted. I am convinced it is.

For example, I lost my house keys the other day. I have no idea where they are. I thought I placed them in my car because I need them to get into my office at the radio station. But they are not in my car. They are not on the hook I put them on every time I come into the house.

They are gone. Vanished. They have been removed from the face of the Earth. And I’ve looked everywhere they could possibly be. But I am not worried. I know they will show up. They will be in some obvious place — like the end of my finger. They’ve been there all along but I just can’t see them now. I can actually hear my keys laughing at me.

Things disappear in my life. My license. My wallet. My keys. My photo identification. They grow legs and disappear. And guess what? They return to my life like the angry kid that runs away from home but changes his mind.

I cannot explain why it happens. I know I am busy. I throw things places while dashing from spot to spot. This week has been busy with newspaper and radio work. It is also Celine’s birthday week and we’ve been scrambling because she his having a sleep over Saturday night. I also have been rehearsing for “Dancing with our Local Stars” later this month.

My life is a blur at times because so much is going on. That is one reason why things disappear.

I just can’t tell you why they appear like a flash in the night.


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One Response to “The lost keys”

  1. Ron Marshall Says:

    Thought I was living this haunting alone!


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