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Sportsmanship is still alive

Written By: Terry Foster | September 10, 2011

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My daughter Celine was still groggy after her team, the Bloomfield Hills Force beat the Michigan Gators 1-0 in their soccer game Friday afternoon.

She was going for a header between two players and the two girls missed the ball but both bopped Celine in the head and gave her a big time headache. One of the reasons I am up this morning is I’ve been checking on her to make sure she is OK during her sleep. It was a scary moment because Celine never leaves games, but this time she had to.

She said her head and chest hurt and she immediately wanted to go to sleep in the car. I did not allow her to. But after a couple hours we finally sent her to bed.

The reason for this post is to commemorate one of the girls on the opposing team. I was helping Celine across the street to the car afterwards when the girl popped out of her car and went over to shake Celine’s hand.

“Sorry number 9 about head butting you. Good game.” the girl said.

Celine told her it was OK and she was sorry that the girl got a black eye in the incident.

It was really nobodies fault. All three players were going for the ball and these things happen. But it was heartwarming to see the girl go out of her way to talk to Celine. I know it is an awkward moment for young girls to say kind things to strangers. It took a lot of nerve for the girl to do so but I was glad to see it.

It was just a special moment and I am glad to see that sportsmanship is still alive.

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