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Why I will never forget 911

Written By: Terry Foster | September 8, 2011

Filed Under: Opinion

I blew up on the radio today regarding 9-11. A caller suggested that we mourn too much about the darkest day in my life time. He did not want us to celebrate the date. He wants us to let go.

Sorry, but I cannot do that.

I will never let go of that day. I will never stop thinking about the thousands that lost their lives or the families that were left without fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. It haunted me then and it haunts me today. It is an act of terrorism you cannot simply put into the attic and forget about.

I am still ticked off about that day. It angers me to think someone could be so evil to do something like this. I’ve met men who never let go of Pearl Harbor because they were part of it — and I do not blame them. And I know men who never let go of D-Day. And I do not blame them.

I chose to read about 9-11. I chose to watch memorials and I chose to remember that day not for self gratification but because I believe if we let our guards down and forget it will happen all over again. I am different because I attended the execution of Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bombing terrorist.

I spent four days in Oklahoma City and the people there had one, resounding and loud message.

“The world does not take this bombing seriously enough and that this will happen again on a larger scale.”

I wrote a parting column for the Detroit News and said this will happen again. Editors thought I was being a little over the top and toned down my rhetoric. Then a few years later 9-11 happened and I thought back to those people in Oklahoma City who tried to warn us.

If you want to forget that day and move on, I respect that. I chose not to. I keep that anger and that edge because I want to do my small part to not let it happen again.


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