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Some Lion fans are just plain goofy

Written By: Terry Foster | September 7, 2011

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I am a sports writer. My job is to write sports, talk sports and cover Detroit sports.

I sometimes wonder what goes through the minds of people who read me and listen to me on the radio. It is that time of year where some Lion fans make outlandish predictions and I have to do everything within my power not to laugh in their faces. Do they really believe what they say? They sure sound like it.

On Friday I was doing the Valenti and Foster Show by myself when a guy called and said if the Lions win their first six games, which he said was very possible, then they would go 16-0. Today a guy was a little more reasonable. He said the Lions would only go 7-1 through the first half of the season.

What do they base this on? Do you mean to tell me that some people are so gullible that they truly believe a team that went 6-10 last season and returns with no running game, a weak set of linebackers and suspect secondary is the best team in the NFL? You mean to tell me that they leapfrogged Green Bay, New England, Philadelphia, Atlanta and New Orleans in a single bound?

I love sports fans, but where is their prospective? Is being a sports fan simply believing all the time and blindly following a sports team no matter what? It seems like love for a team turns people goofy. Look, I love my daughter and believe she is a good soccer player, but I look at her schedule and see the teams she must play and I am hoping for .500.

I want her to win every game she plays but I know that won’t happen. I people love their Lions. But does sports love turn your brain to mush? Or do people really believe what they say?

One guy called and said he was surprised more people were not talking about the Lions 4-0 preseason record. And he said it felt good knowing the the Lions went unbeaten in the preseason. I called the guy a loser because the Lions should not be interested in winning meaningless games. They should be focused on trying to make the playoffs.  If you feel good about an unbeaten preseason that makes you small town.

I know the Lions won’t go 16-0. I know they won’t begin the season 7-1. How come some people don’t see that?


5 Responses to “Some Lion fans are just plain goofy”

  1. Chris Says:

    “Weak linebackers” ? Not sure I agree with that part. But the rest seems correct.

    Put it this way, all thing being equal.. IF you keep Stafford healthy that should mean 2 or 3 more wins. 8-8 , 9-7


  2. Josh Perusse Says:

    I think some people just can’t shake their bias. Since they are from Michigan, they see these Lions players in a different light. They don’t know how good the other teams truly are because they don’t watch and read news about them nearly as often. They start to see things that aren’t there and their reason starts to fade away. It’s just hard to be objective when you want something so, so bad. I wonder if sports writers had to go through a period where they had to train themselves to be objective because being a big fan of a team makes that much more difficult.


  3. Andy Says:

    weak set of LBers? How are Tulloch, Durant and Levy a weak set of LB’s? If anything critique the secondary, but the front 7 of the team looks good…and I agree, questionable running game, but I do think Jahvid Best will be better than all of the sports talkers give him credit for.


  4. Walt Reid Says:

    Terry, I think the deal is, reasonable, realistic Lions fans don’t call in to talk smack and brag when nothings been accomplished, that’s why they don’t get noticed, and most people think we’re all crazy because of that. I for one follow the mantra of the team, let their play to the talking for you.


  5. Asie Morris Says:

    Some fans don’t see it because their heads have obviously been in there butts for the last 10-30 years. Pre season doesn’t translate into wins in the regular season. Maybe these fans forgot what happened a few years ago when the Lions went 4-0 in the pre season. I don’t see that happening this year, but that should cool off these idiots jets just remembering that season. I predict 8-8, which could easily be 9-7, 7-9, or 6-10 depending on the way a few things swing.


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