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Michigan is a great sports state

Written By: Terry Foster | September 2, 2011

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This is what makes the Michigan sports scene great.

We have Major League Baseball’s only 20-game winner Justin Verlander on the mound for the Tigers against the Chicago White Sox who will do everything they can to get back into the American League Central Division race.

To the west Michigan State opens its football season with a night game at Spartan Stadium against Youngstown State. Can the Spartans repeat as Big Ten champions and validate what they did last season?

On Saturday Michigan opens the Brady Hoke era with a game against Western Michigan. Will Hoke-a-mania run wild at Michigan Stadium? 

And Lion fans are so giddy heading into next week’s season opener at Tampa Bay, they can taste the Lions butter.

Where else in the country is sport hoping and hopping like this? It is a great feeling and makes this one of the best spots for sports in the United States.  We have every major sport in every major sports league both college and professional. We have sports shows to talk about the teams and great sports bars with big screen televisions to enjoy.

I have a friend who writes sports in the Bay area and he said he is jealous of me and my sports writing collegues in Detroit.

“People there really care,” he told me a while back. “Here you could write the building is on fire and every coach should be fired and nobody cares. It is just different in Detroit.”

In Detroit all you need to do is say good morning on twitter and you start a fire storm. And I like that.

This is a great sports area. Yes, we complain about our teams and Jim Leyland’s line up. The Lions have been frustrating for years and it looks like the Pistons won’t even have the chance to be frustrating this year because of the NBA lockout.

Still, it is fun. Do not take what we have for granted.

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  1. Dan Says:

    No love for CMU? you should do a feature on the problems of Enos and his offense


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