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Pay final tribute to Killer at Cheli’s

Written By: Terry Foster | August 31, 2011

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What a brilliant move. I was wondering where our friend Tom “Killer” Kowalski’s life would be celebrated.

It will take place noon Friday at Cheli’s downtown. It is the perfect spot because if you are in this business chances are you will hit a sports bar at some time. That is where we meet to talk, drink and exchange tales in the dressing room along with bad jokes.

The Killer loved sports bars. He loved dive bars and that is something we held in common. We have a common spot we stop at near our homes called Willsons. It is a place with good food and it has two L’s in everything it does. I went in there to watch a Tigers game and grab a draft and all of a sudden I hear a loud voice say: “This is my bar. This place is not big enough for the both of us.”

It was the Killer holding court at the end of the bar with a big smile and his mustache covered in foam.

“This is my spot pal,” I screamed back. “Could you kindly remove yourself from my bar.”

We laughed and chatted and went about our business.

People in our business use sports bars as a place to unload. I sometimes share a pint with Bob Wojnowski, Chris McCoskey and John Niyo. We don’t do much. We just talk sports and bitch about our jobs — like anybody else.

When it is my time to go please go to your favorite watering hole and have a pint on me. And know this. I wish I were next two you enjoying a cold one with you.


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One Response to “Pay final tribute to Killer at Cheli’s”

  1. George Says:

    I would see Tom out once in a while in Berkley at our little sportsbar. Very friendly guy. My buddy Chris knew him pretty well. Hole in the walls and sports bars are “guy sanctuaries” (girls, you have your wine and martini bars). After a hard week or two, I enjoy gathering with my gender to let off a little steam, converse about and watch sports and go home happy.


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